We've shared some of the greatest workplace designs when we discussed how the environment you work in contributes to productivity over here

It's a really interesting discussion on how your surroundings either suppress or enhance productivity and creativity as many organisations strive to create a great workplace to work in. we really need hot air balloons or is it all just a bunch of hot air?

Source : Officesnapshots

It's easy to use the tech companies as those organisations to aspire to be like. With Fedex Days and other workplace initiatives getting kudos and fame with various derivatives taking place outside of tech companies.


There must be something in this - successful organisations reward their people in different ways, respect their environment and believe that happy people are more productive & creative people - this... believe it or not makes their organisations more successful. 

There are countless studies and research papers - one here - that indicate workplace design has a big impact on employees happiness and well-being. 

So I was of course intrigued to found out more about 12 of the most cutting edge workplace innovations - if only to feel the sharp jab of jealousy.

Yes we have Facebook, AirBnB, Google, Glassdoor and Etsy in there - all household names - and yes 'funky' tech companies if you like BUT - they can't be the only ones doing cool and innovative stuff in the workplace. It doesn't need to be amazing architecture or expensive materials to make a workplace comfy and creative. 

For inspiration I give you the article to read

However I am genuinely interested in how your organisation is creating a fantastic workplace no matter how small. 

Would anyone care to describe what you're doing, or even better share a picture of anything you do or place you have where you and your colleagues can be creative or how you''re doing something innovative in your work environment - it doesn't need to be BIG or involve hot air balloons 

Who's doing some cool stuff in this space outside of silicon valley :)

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