Five lessons learnt from working in digital

Five lessons learnt from working in digital is an article that caught my attention this morning when Mike shared it with me. Written by Lisa Jeffrey, a Digital Communications Manager, five lessons learnt from working in digital talks through some important considerations with digital in a marketing context. What resonated with me is how well these same thoughts apply to digital in a human resources and learning context. 

Among the five, one of my favourites is the point that Lisa makes on 'Don't assume people know what digital is'. Digital, is one of those newer words that has appeared on the scene of HR and L&D in recent years and potentially inherited from our colleagues in marketing. But do we, and those around us in our organisation, actually know what that means? In a learning context, digital has moved far beyond the days of computer-based e-learning and for Human Resources beyond the payroll system.

It makes me wonder, has time been taken to consider what digital means in the context of our organisations? How do we define digital when it comes to, for example, employee engagement, recruitment, induction, learning and collaboration? What does digital mean in our organisations? What is that word?

There's also some great points in the article on using digital to keep learning and working out loud. It was on that basis that we set up the Digital Skills Group here on the DPG Community. Digital capability is a huge topic yet one that constantly shifts the skills and knowledge required. It's for this reason we all seem to have ongoing development needs in this area. The Digital Skills Group was formed as a place where people can connect, share digital challenges and develop digital skills. We'd love to have you as part of this free group. Feel free to check it out and join us.

In the meantime, you can read the original article here: Five lessons learnt from working in digital.

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