Turning Learning into Performance

CEO’s tell us it’s the skills shortage and how to improve performance & productivity that keeps them awake at night! How we react to this as learning and development professionals is possibly one of the biggest challenges we face in our organisations. 

There’s absolutely no doubt we are more advanced in delivery of learning than ever before, we know a vast amount about learning styles, have sophisticated technologies to help us deliver this content, and even build interventions to meet the exact requirements of the learner.

So why is it we still accept that the vast majority of new skills and behaviours simply don’t get transferred back into the workplace, and that less than 20% of learning is effective? (*)

According to research in the Learning Transfer Research 2017 INSIGHTS FOR IMPACT paper, managers are not supporting learners enough with 46% suggesting that managers are not “significantly involved in supporting their direct reports before or after a learning initiative”. But this is not the only issue.

We need to start thinking of learning as more of a journey, one that doesn’t end when the e-lessons are completed or the learners leave the classroom; ultimately learning should be a continuous cycle. We are investing so much time, energy and budget in the delivery & content production that we forget about embedding that learning. Embedding learning is where the real value lies and where the biggest impact on performance & the business can be gained. Unfortunately, until now it’s also been the most difficult part of the journey to track and influence. 

This is where learning transfer software comes into play. Learning transfer can be defined as “the ability of a learner to successfully apply the behaviour, knowledge, skills acquired through learning to the job, with a resulting improvement in job performance.” (Jefferson, Pollick and Wick, 2015) 

Learning transfer platforms (LTP) such as Lentum’s have been designed to help you change the learning intervention into a learning journey, allowing managers to support and monitor their learners when applying new skills and behaviours, with continuous coaching the new skills and competencies back into the workplace is far easier. This dramatically improves the amount of knowledge transferred to around 70%-80% from an average of 10%-20% according to recent research completed in the Learning Transfer Research 2017 INSIGHTS FOR IMPACT paper.

By using a learning transfer platform in conjunction with our other learning and HR applications, we can further accelerate learning, shorten time to competence and drive the learning culture in our organisations. 

The data gathered can help increase insight into which kinds of learning interventions are working within the organisation & which aren’t. These platforms also assists the line manager in being able to have the relevant data to improve their performance conversations with the learners, moving what can often be a difficult conversation into one that’s focused around data and facts.

Lentum’s learning transfer platform helps you build and develop a deeper learning culture within organisations. They are currently looking to work with several organisations to embed the application and receive user feedback. The application will be provided free of charge for a minimum of three months. If you are interested in taking up this offer, please email click the image below.

To read Learning Transfer Research 2017 INSIGHTS FOR IMPACT click here.

To visit the Lentum website click here.

To watch a recent webinar launching the research click here.

 (*) Learning Transfer Research 2017 INSIGHTS FOR IMPACT


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