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'Escape Room' - Induction Idea


I am currently looking at revamping our Induction to make it more engaging, interactive and less information intensive as it sometimes can be. After recently experiencing an 'Escape Room'  I thought it would be a great way to get our new recruits to problem solve, communicate and form relationships whilst learning about the organisation

My question is, has anyone else introduced anything similar? If so, how did you go about creating the puzzles or have you managed to find a ready made game to use?

I would also be interested to know how this has worked for you, any feedback would be really helpful



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    • This is kind of what we were thinking originally however, unfortunately we wouldn't be able to have our own permanent escape room  how fun would that be? :-) I had a quick look at these some great ideas

    • That's a great resource Lucy. I wonder Kelly if you could you get existing staff to help make the puzzles so that you're doing a bit of engagement there both in terms of current team and in terms of them being 'on board' with the 'on-boarding' if that makes sense.

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