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Hey All,

I just wondered if you can help, i was looking to see what your thoughts are on the alternative options on recruitment in your organisations.

I have 3 ideas:

1 - Promotion within organisation is the best solution to fill a vacant position

2 - The workload can be moved to another department with a bigger capacity who can cover the work

3 - The position may not be required to be filled

Are there anymore....? I'd appreciate the feedback on this.

Many thanks,

Sharon Yip

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  • Hmmmmmm. 

    x Flexible staff and flexible roles.

    x So temporary contracts to flex with workload.

    x Job shares and a shift in job responsibilities at peak times (I've been an Recruitment Advisor but during month end I'd work within the accounts department to help them)

    x Work smarter to lessen the load: assess whether tasks done by current employees can be outsourced (probably costly though) to manage workload or be automated (in the case of manufacturing) or made more efficient (use email templates to save time rather than individually written responses).

    • This is a good question - and I think as you say Nicole flexibility is the key.  I feel it can be limiting (to both self and the organisation) to have the mind set of 'that's not my job' - and the quicker this mind set is shifted the more collaborative and productive we have the potential to become.  There is often so much talent and skill within and across teams and organisations that a little sharing can work wonders. Of course there will always be a need for specific recruitment into roles, and whether this comes from internal or external recruitment will depend on the best person for the job, but I agree Sharon that there are often alternatives or certainly questions that should be asked before 'automatically' recruiting.

      • Yes. I've found that in larger organisations there tends to be less flex with regards to responsibilities - more rigid structures purely to do with the volume of staff. But in SME's there is so much potential to engage the workforce and maximise potential by having that flexible culture. 

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