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Thought Id share this great article to raise the awareness and value to employers of  neurodiversity. Its a topic Ive tried to raise previously myself, but found I hit walls of misconception and dead ends. Has anyone else found a route to success?

Neurodiversity as a competitive advantage, Robert Austin and Gary Pisano, Harvard Business Review, May-June 2017, Vol 95 No 3, pp 96-103.

Some organisations are beginning to realise the potential of having a neurodiverse workforce, but the number who're adapting their HR practices to attract and hire from the largely untapped pool of neurodiverse employees is still very low. This article explains how employees with neurological conditions such as autism and dyslexia, can add significant value to an organisation by contributing different ways of thinking and problem-solving.

Read the article here.

Neurodiversity as an advantage.

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  • Hi Jason

    Thank you so much for sharing this, it is a really insightful article and has given me some food for thought in terms of recruitment and selection processes and capturing this key pool of talent.

    I have a family member who I recognise from reading the article and he is just at the age where potentially he will be entering the world of work, and I wonder how his unique skills will be utilised as he exhibits many of the behavoiurs referred to in the article.

    Well worth a read!

    Thanks again


    • Its a pleasure Sarah, just trying to spread some awareness as a father of an autistic son myself who will be entering the world of work in a few years.

      Im so glad it has helped, feel free to pass it on.

      • Thanks Jason All the best Sarah

This reply was deleted.

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