10 apps to help you work and study smarter

10 apps to help you work and study smarter

We are always helping you with new ways to study and tips to boost your productivity. Studying and completing your CPD is such an important thing to keep track of, so we have taken up the challenge of coming up with the top 10 series in and around studying and CPD. This week… Studying apps!

These apps are perfect for those of you who are looking to modernise your learning and productivity. They have been designed to help you manage your time, be more focused and make it easier for you to reach your qualification goals.

Have you used any of these apps? How have you used them effectively? Are any missing? Let us know in comments below 

1. SelfControl (MAC) / Freedom (Windows)

Struggle to stay focused on one thing at once? Let your mind wonder to Facebook a little bit too often? Well this is the app for you… 

These web apps allows you to block some websites for a set amount of time, that means no more nipping onto Twitter, no checking your emails, no distractions! And the best thing? Once the blocks have been put in place for a certain amount of time, you can’t access anything until the block expires, there’s no flick of a switch to make everything come back… you might as well just study! 

Check out Self Control for iOS 

Check out Freedom for Windows

2. Noisli

We love this web app as it allows you to create an environment that helps you focus and concentrate. Want a fire crackling in the background or wind blowing...or do you even want to feel like you’re in a coffee shop. Mix and match your background noises and put your head phones on to focus, concentrate and be as productive as possible. Let us know what your favourite combinations are in comments.

Check out Noisli

3. Timetable

Save your timetable, your webinar and workshop dates, your assessment deadlines and all the other bits in-between into this handy little app and say goodbye to your worries. This app syncs across all your devices so you only have to add them once and you will know where you need to be and when. Plus, it’s all colour coded and lets you know all the details such as location and time! Could you ask for more? Side-note this app is only on Android currently.

Check out Timetable 

4. Milanote

Milanote is a place for you to add your research, notes and ideas side by side. It’s fantastic for more creative projects or presentations, and for planning your work as the interface allows you to connect your notes, move images, text and links around to organise your thoughts. Milanote lets your work evolve naturally.

Check out Milanote

5. Trello

If you need something a bit different to keep on top of your to-do-list then Trello is for you. It can be used from simple reminders to full on project management. This nifty list-writing, not only gives you the satisfaction of ticking off the jobs you’ve done, but you can share lists – so it’s great for organising collaborative work. It integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox to upload files, as well as adding links and photos to your tasks, and setting alarms for assignment submissions or workshops. 

Check out Trello

6. Tinycards

Is it exam time? Well Tinycards is the app for you. Tinycards is basically just a set of flashcards on your phone which can be used to help you memorise your notes before a big exam. Tinycards allows you to create your own decks of cards which you and your friends or colleagues can share with one another. 

Check out Tinycards

7. Evernote

As well as note-writing, you can take photos, record audio and share your saved items with other mobile devices. One of our favourite features is the camera function which lets you photograph pages from text books. Check out this great discussion on tips to use Evernote here.

Check out Evernote

8. Dragon Dictation (iOS) / Speech to Text (Android)

Some people retain information better by speaking out loud, if that applies to you, it may be time to try a dictation app. With Dragon Dictation you just have to speak directly into your phone, and it converts your voice into text, you can then copy and paste this into anything and log it somewhere safe! One of the best Android equivalents is Speech to Text.

Check out Dragon Diction

Check out Speech to Text 

9. Slack

Slack is a app that we love here at DPG and use it all the time. It’s a place to communicate with your colleagues with real-time messaging. It’s quick and effective, especially with a remote team! Slack allows you to create different threads for different projects, so everything you need is all in one place. But Slack is great for studying too, create a thread for each assessment you have, and post in there all the links you might need, any articles or blogs, and even add in your personal notes. Everything you need, all in one place. Check out this blog and video about using Slack for CPD

Check out Slack 

10. Neil’s toolbox

If you struggle with writing your references properly Neil’s toolbox could be of great help for you. You have to add in the details of your resource and the toolbox will generate a Harvard reference for you to add in to the end of your assessment. It’s great for checking you have the order down correctly, and all the information correctly stated....and saving time.

Check out Neil’s Toolbox

So, there you have it, 10 apps that will help you boost your productivity and become a study ninja. 

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  • I'm quite old fashioned (but very youthful looking) and I like to keep hard copies of stuff whilst I am working on it.   Like a school project (if any of you can remember that).  So Dragon Dictation or Speech to Text may be perfect for me.  Thanks


  • Fab -will definitely be using Timetable. I'll give Noisli a try too!

  • Thanks for this - always good to get tips on the latest tools that can help us make work smarter.

    Harold Jarche recently shared his top tools for this year which may also be of interest: top tools 2017

    top tools 2017
    • Thanks for sharing Gillian

    • Interesting to compare his trends over the years, whats in, whats out. Wordpress remaining number 1! Thanks for the link - I hadnt come across his network before.

  • Great article, thanks - shared!

    • Glad you found it useful Jason. Do you use any / all of these or are there any that are missing?
      • Dragon has alway been on my personal list - love it!

        Have passed this list to several learners to investigate and try, I'll see what they say...

This reply was deleted.

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