12 month countdown to Brexit

12 month countdown to Brexit

Brexit, Brext, Brexit - heard enough yet?

Oh great another Brexit article - so why read it?

The thing is we are now less than 12 months from it actually happening. As of 11am 29th March 2019 that's it. And we all know how quickly a year can fly by!

So I've been looking around the internet asking myself:

- Where are we up to?

- Remind me - how did we get here?

- What has changed since the referendum?

- What happens to EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens in the EU?

- Can someone just give me a summary so I know what is happening?


Well, the good ol' beeb have put the answers to these questions and more on one web page. Click here to go to it.


What are your thoughts? Is 12 months enough? Can Theresa do it? What is Boris doing?

Political, I know, and a can of worms it may be but spring is the time of transition and what greater transition do we currently face than this?

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