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    This would be a place to share the key areas of the course and how they impact a business. By doing so understand the related challenges and opportunities. To be updated and refined by course attendees. An innovative and different way to think about the course content.

  • Developed the Partners area a little along the 'ideas worth sharing' theme

  • Thanks Mike... I get the 'me' series!

    I think linked to this there's a risk we run ahead with our ways of working and tech because we're 'So Me's' when the majority are 'Guides' and 'Nos'!! I'd like to suggest some mini 'how to' videos to show those on the cusp the way they could express themselves in the board. It's good timing for me as I have some scripts but I'd like to adopt the DPG community as a place to apply them.

    If we can grow out the collaboration to 3 or 4 people using this method without other direct support I'd be delighted. There's always word of mouth and sharing through networks so let's see what we can achieve with a little nudge.

  • Hi Martin

    Thanks for sharing your first impressions with us via a BigPicZap (spelled correctly). I jumped on and added a few things as it helped me to start thinking about the customer (members) journey in to the community and what they do when they first get here and the guidance provided.

    With the community still very much in growth stage there is still much for us to improve upon and change and my approach to developing this community as always been to do it openly and collaboratively with the people who use it. Hence why I was keen to share your board as pick of the day to people could see something a bit different and unique but something that involves all of them as well.

    In answer to your question there are three types of people when it comes to social media / networks (got this from @JulieWedgwood)

    • So Me's - users of other social media tools and naturally just dive in and find their way around
    • Guide Me's - might use social media tools a bit and they wanto to use it but need a little guidance to get them started
    • No Me's - Do not use social media in anyway and can't yet see value from participation - need lots of convincing and guidance.

    I was thinking is enough support and guidance given for people who haven't yet come across social media to support learning, communication and collaboration and could we being doing more to support the first visits.

    Lot's to think about and ponder and the other thing I was thinking off was using a BigPicZap board to do an exercise on strategic HR and also an L&D initiative from start to finish.

    After all it's all about the Big Picture !!

  • Hi all, I'm Mart and this is my first day in the DPG Community!

    I thought I would share my first impressions and then develop some thinking around what I've found and I'd love to be able to compare with others. The board you see is a visual map of my experience from the left "I'm new here" the right "I'm in the Community" and I'm training. By leaving the Challenge and Opportunity symbols with some post-its I can make notes visually in a way others can collaborate.

    The plan is to open this and other boards up for sharing so we can develop that thinking together. In the meantime any thoughts you may have please use the comment box here,

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