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  • Mike,

    Listened to your audio recording and it sounds great.  Really good sound quality and as usual, your friendly northern twang comes across really well! 

    In your recording you make an interesting point that one of the barriers for teachers, educators, facilitators, tutors call us what you will in audio recording is FEAR.  Fear of how we sound, how interesting our voice may be and how confident we come across.

    So, to help, I've been doing some digging around and have some great expert advise that I've found on overcoming these fears.  Watch this space, I'll be posting it soon.



  • Hi Alison.  I have tried accessing recordings on my IPhone (I'm not as posh with an IPAD yet!) and it doesn't work on an IPhone neither.  I think this is a "feature" of the Ning platform that the DPG Community is hosted on.

    My best advise would be to access audio recordings on your PC for now. 

    I'm currently testing out a new way of audio hosting so of course if this turns out to be of use, I'll let you know.



  • Ok home now but on the ipad i cant listen to either your audioblog or mike's, Ady. So sorry...
  • I love that reply Mike.  Channel 5 ey?  That's posh.  I was thinking more of a late night slot maybe introducing really old game shows on Challenge TV at 2am in the morning.  That or poker commentary!  Anyhow, I digress, spot on.  Thanks for giving this a go and really pleased it worked.  And if your're doing a long recording and worried about making a mistake and having to do it all again, that's where some editing and audio manipulation (or influencing) skills come in!  Let's leave that till further down the line though.  Pleased you found a way around the comment issue too.  

    Alison, the app on your mini-Ipad should be Voice Memos.  It's just a simple recorder that allows you to email the file to you once done which is then pretty straight forward to upload to the community on your computer.  If this helps, there's a guide of how to do this just here:

    Instructions on how to add audio to DPG Community

    Thanks both

  • That was good Ady, well done.

    I haven't got an iPhone believe it or not. I missed what you called the recording app in your blog. I have got a mini iPad at home, so I could possibly find the app on that.

    I'll check it later (and re-run your audio blog so I can catch the name of the app!) and see what I can find.



  • I do love a challenge I do and I've managed to record a little response for you as well. Trouble is you can't add a file attachment in a comment only in the original discussion.

    I however have a cunning plan and have managed to add the audio file as a file on the community and should hopefully be able to link to it below

    Mike's audio blog

    Boom! One thing I did notice was that my video recorder on my Android outputed as an .aac file instead of a more popular .mp3 - not sure if this will work on every media player?

    We'll see I guess...

  • OK scratch that it worked

  • I'm getting a can't play this file as the video is corrupt :-(

This reply was deleted.

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