CIPD Learning and Development Show

Collaborative Learning through MOOC's

Wednesday 30th April 11:15am at CIPD L&D Show 2014

Quite looking forward to the session this Wednesday at the L&D Show on Collaborative Learning through MOOC's.  Now the daft thing is, I haven't yet really got a club what a MOOC is.  But fortunately, the seminar details give me a clue as to what it stands for "Massive Online Open Courses".

What it means, I don't know, but I'm in safe hands on this one.Perry Timms, Social Media and Engagement Adviser for the CIPD are amongst the speakers on this particular session. I've never met Perry, but looking forward to doing so. I know he's a lot to say on the subject of collaborative and social learning. I'll let you know what I pick up from this session.

You can follow my tweets @dpgplc from this event on Wednesday.

But in the meantime, I'd love to hear what questions you have about collaborative and social learning. Leave us your comments below...




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  • Thanks Alison. University of Reading seemed to come up a lot today when talking about MOOC's.  Many of the example courses we looked at as a group were from them.

    For me, I get the MOOC idea, but I also understand it's a concept that's only a couple of years old now. My action point from this one is definitely to complete a MOOC first.  I'm holding back judgement until I've experienced one!

    Have you had anyone in your organisation complete one yet?  Wondered if you had any feedback or whether it's too early days.

    I'll definitely be checking one out myself when I find some of that "time" stuff!

    Great to hear from you.


  • Looking forward to reading your tweets Ade. Have a great day :)

  • I have been reading a lot about MOOCs and have seen some very interesting TED lectures with relevance.

    I have promoted a particular available MOOC on our internal Yammer account, to see if anyone at work  fancied it. One lady called me and said she'd do it if I would do it as well, as she felt the need for a study buddy.


    Here's what I wrote on Yammer:

    Have you heard of MOOCs? (Massive Online Open Courses) They are set up to make high quality learning accessible to anybody in the world with an interest and a computer. You do this type of learning because you are interested in the subject, and want to keep up to date or use it to improve the way you work. MOOCS are a global experiment being offered by top UK and USA universities. The academic world is watching the outcomes - at the moment it is noted that there is a high drop out rate and it is thought to be because the courses are free. People commit more fully when they pay for something!

    Here is a MOOC (see link) that might be of interest to managers. It is being offered by Reading University. It starts on 12 May. It is 9 weeks long and requires 4 hours work per week.

    Managing people: engaging your workforce
    People are much more than a source of labour; we are complex and are all different from each other.

    About the course: In this nine-week course you will learn how to get the most out of people in the workplace. Aimed at people who have, or are about to have, managerial responsibility in any type of organisation, this course will introduce you to reflective practice in people management.

    If anyone decides to do it, would you let me know? I'd be very interested to hear about it and to offer support as well. Many thanks.


    A good friend and ex colleague of mine is doing one with his wife. They are both loving it.

     The mind is flat: the shocking shallowness of human psychology. Interestingly, by doing it together they have learnt a lot about each other's learning preferences which are of course different!

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