CPD with G: Curation for the people occupation

CPD with G: Curation for the people occupation

Don't read all that - read this  :)

Popular twitter personality Maria Popova (@brainpicker), has said that curation is

"a drive to find the interesting, meaningful, and relevant amidst the vast maze of overabundant information". That’s my goal. I’ve been through the vast maze of recent email newsletters and the November issue of People Management so that you don’t have to.

Read the items below, use them in your assignments and in the workplace if you can – but definitely put them in your CPD log! There you go, my gift to you: your CPD for the fortnight is done. See you in two weeks.

The first five points are taken from the November issue of People Management. It is a great read as always, but I struggled to find more than 5 items in there that I think are relevant to my network (you) – let me know if I’m wrong, please!

  1. The bottom half of page 10, in the yellow box, gives some useful insight into the job support scheme including contributions expressed as percentages, leaving and joining the scheme, how deductions work and that employees must have been on the payroll before on or before 23rd Sept to be eligible. 2-minute read time.
  2. There are survey results that you could quote for issues around re-opening workplaces such as hiring, remote working and collaboration. But with the inception of the tier system this article may be out of date already so, regrettably, I wouldn’t spend too much time on it. I’d concentrate on the main text on page 13 and speed read the rest.
  3. There is an article about calculating the ROI of L&D which is worth 10-minutes of your time. If you are short on time and looking for practical ways to measure the contribution of L&D, jump to the “Leadership training is hard to track” box on the third page of the article (the page numbers are obscured but it seems to be page 42).
  4. For those interested in conflict resolution there is some new research around mindfulness that you could use at the top of page 57. 2-minute read.
  5. On the same page there is a short article about logical thinkers that could be useful if you are studying group dynamics. 1-minute read.

 And from around the internet:

  1. CIPD have some research on boardroom diversity that you could use to demonstrate a difference between employers of choice and those less so. Click here to jump to the web version of the newsletter.
  2. I’ve been looking at Managing the L&D Function this week and we need to give examples of different L&D roles contributing to business performance. Click here for a relevant article on TrainingZone.co.uk about ‘Operational Coaching’.
  3. If you are interested in Resourcing and Talent Planning, it goes without saying that the CIPD’s recent survey on just that subject will help. I haven’t read it though so let me know what you think. Click here to jump to it.


You know what, I’ll stop at 8. There are a lot of other articles recently out there that caught my eye and I enjoyed reading, but I can’t pull the kind of key insights from them that I pitch as the focus of my curation – so that’s if from me for this time. I’ll on annual leave next week doing family stuff. I’ll do some more CPD curation for you when I get back.

If you want to automate your CPD log and make it cloud-based so that you can add to it anywhere, try the CPD log in our superb new Community CareerBurst area. It is free for all DPG Professional Development Community members.


Happy Halloween!

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