CPD Curration for the People Occupation

CPD Curration for the People Occupation

This blog is here to give you a list of items/activities that you could use as a basis for your CPD log. I'll only list items that I think will help with DPG assignments or support you in the workplace. I'm mainly looking for facts and statistics that you can quote in your work. Thus providing you with useful references for assignments and ammunition to support points you might be trying to prove in the workplace.

I'll post an updated image of my CPD log in the thread from time to time along with an updated list of curated and evaluated items/activities. There you go, my gift to you: your CPD is taken care of. It's that easy.


The main image for this blog is my CPD log. What does your CPD log look like? I'd love to it if you commented with a screengrab of your log.

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  • We made it – January is behind us. So long dry-January, Veganuary and being asked ‘what new year’s resolutions have you made?’ Onward to accelerated vaccinations, Valentine’s Day and Easter Eggs. How are you going to fit it all in? Allow me to help by streamlining your CPD and industry-related reading.

    I’ve dived into the expanse of industry newsletters (and February’s People Management magazine) like Scrooge McDuck with his swimming pool of gold coins. I’ve only come up for air having gripped the most valuable HR and L&D news firmly in my beak - IMO, of course.

    via GIPHY

    There are no top tips, opinions or blogs in my lists. The only items to be pooled into my list are those that could be useful in your assignments and/or you can use it stepping stone to other CPD – all of which you can put in your CPD log. I've bolded key terms to expedite your search for the goods.

    Get ready, there is more on my list than usual!

    1. Here’s a great article from ICS if you are studying the Thinking Performer or Adding Value Employee Modelhttps://bit.ly/3awRzXb
    2. If you are doing a SWOT or PESTLE on an organisation, it is worth noting that the Bank of England has forecasted a ‘rapid recovery as vaccines are rolled out.' See the article here: https://bit.ly/2MOGEjv
    3. Well-being is always high on the HR agenda (or it should be). Perhaps it is of interest that the three sectors which experience the highest stress-related sick days are healthcare, government workers and… wait for it: HR. “There was a 70 per cent rise in the number of stress-related absences among HR professionals in 2020 compared to the previous year”. This is an efficient little article with facts, quotes from industry big noises and jumping-off points to other reading. Take a look: https://bit.ly/36HfGRP
    4. With immediate relevance to L&D trends: “46% of full-time workers have received no professional training from their employer during the pandemic”. A lack of training could also help you if you are interested in reasons for staff turnover, well-being and extrinsic reward and the impact of the pandemic. Jump to this LinkedIn post by a talented colleague where you’ll find a few more quotable figures on the recent lack of professional development opportunities: https://bit.ly/3oKTqwz (I’d recommend following Ady too). The situation behind these numbers hasn't deterred job seekers with 66% of people “undertaking digital learning with the intention of improving their job prospects” according to a REED survey, which you can find out more about here: https://bit.ly/2LpdOGc. If you are looking to pick up on future trends: 52% of organisations are “planning to spend more on L&D next year” according to an article on page 53 of February’s People Management magazine. The article is packed with figures that justify the claim in the title: “Covid has improved attitudes towards L&D

    This brings me nicely on to the February 2021 edition of People Management magazine. I’ve taken the rest of my curation from there this time. It’s a great read, as ever, but if you want to focus on items that can help you in your studies and in the workplace, hopefully, my list here will help you extract what you need:

    1. On page 5, the big Cheese’s welcome has a couple of statistics about anxiety and mental well-being taken from January ONS data.
    2. "Workers less happy in Lockdown" on page 6 offers reactions to a recent survey which you could use if you are looking at presenteeism, work-life balance and fit notes. Both this and the previous point could help if absence management and culture are your thing.
    3. Speaking of culture and bearing links to equality in the workplace, page 7 "Fathers still fear stigma of paternity leave" presents the results of a recent CIPD poll.
    4. If you are looking for an example of measured improvements in customer experience due to HR and L&D intervention, then the article about a well-known retailer’s training programme could help you discuss how training, objective setting and data use can improve motivation, engagement and reduce complaints. It is on page 25.
    5. Employment law is always a popular topic. I’m adding "Is this the end of employee rights?" on page 43 to this list not because it has quotable figures but because I found it really interesting how UK employment law compares to other nations. Maybe this should come under the heading ‘Pub Ammo’ – that’s if we ever get to go to a pub again. “Zoom Ammo” just hasn’t got the same ring to it.
    6. The article about pulse surveys on page 48 caught my eye in the hope that it would help anyone running surveys and/or collecting data for their studies, such as the UIN module in HRM or the DBC module in LDM. But it didn’t really give me much. I guess it is worth a read to give you ideas and that way you could feasibly add it to your bibliography.

    That should help you. Jump in.

    (PM magazine archives can be accessed here: https://bit.ly/39KbYJ5.)

    Here's my CPD log right now (where is yours?):


  • I've summarised so of the past few week's selections in a Linkedin article:


    Rest assured, I'll post more frequently and in more depth here in the Community than I will on LinkedIn. Community members get the good stuff first!


    CPD Curation for the People Occupation. January 2021 round-up
    CPD and useful industry information curated into one place. I dipped my toe into the article writing function here on LinkedIn 4 months ago.
  • Right, Christmas is in the past as is Blue Monday and Donald Trump (fingers crossed), so let’s get some CPD done! Rather than my usual attempts to filter the useful facts and figures from the abundance of clickbait that lands in my inbox in the form of industry newsletters, this week I started off by finding a few useful articles for myself (well… for you). Only after which did I then attempt to filter the useful facts and figures from the abundance of clickbait that lands in my inbox in the form of industry newsletters.

    There are no top tips, opinions or blogs in my lists. The only items to be inaugurated into my list are those that could be useful in your assignments and/or you can use it stepping stone to other CPD – all of which you can put in your CPD log.


    1. If you are in L&D, you may be interested to know that professional coaching is among the fastest-growing job sectors in 2021 according to a LinkedIn survey. There are quotable stats here too about other job sectors experiencing growth which could be useful if you are interested in labour markets. Here’s a link: https://yhoo.it/2LXBnWP
    2. This next article could be useful if you are doing a SWOT or PESTLE on the hospitality It might also be useful if you are looking information about potential unemployment levels and where labour pools could be right now. It’s another LinkedIn article with stats that include that Britain lost almost 6,000 licensed premises in 2020. Off the back of that, I can imagine that consumers have gone elsewhere to source their favourite tipple of course – which might impact on the retail sector. Here’s a link: https://yhoo.it/398r1vY. It looks like a Sky News article uses the same sources so it might be worth a look in case you connect better with the way the information is presented by Sky: https://bit.ly/2LLPnD5
    3. The negative impact of the lockdown on the retail sector will be news to no-one but how about looking at it from this angle: online shopping rose by 46.1% in 2020 – does your organisation have the infrastructure to compete in the online retail sector? Do you have the right people resourcing plans in place? Take a look at this Sky News article for more figures: https://bit.ly/3o97EY2
    4. If you need ‘outside the box’ ideas on well-being, increasing productivity or managing WFH then there is research available to not only show that listening to music increases productivity by 15% but the research also digs into which artists have the most beneficial effect. It’s just a good job that they didn’t survey me. Here’s a link to the article on HRGrapevine: https://bit.ly/2Nkvhju
    5. On the subject of well-being and with links to extrinsic reward and employers of choice, Avia is an example for you to draw upon. They have given their staff an extra day off recognising that rest is an important part of well-being. The article lists other perks from Avia and mentions extra-paid leave offer at Indeed. Here is a link to the article at HRGrapevine (again): https://bit.ly/39U6UB1
    6. Do you need proof that online learning is the most frequently used method of learning among SMBs (small and medium businesses)? And that Instructor-led learning is believed to be the most effective? Then you need to take a look at Cornerstone’s recent survey here: https://bit.ly/397PNfV . It’s odd though as I’ve seen plenty of information to say that in-the-flow learning and client-led learning is the current fashion. Or could it be that the responses came from people that don’t know how to recognise in-the-flow and don’t empower staff to lead their own development? I guess this article will serve you well if you need to present an argument for and against such learning activities.
    7. Do you need to improve your negotiating skills or coach people on how to improve theirs? An interesting article from the BPS covers how negotiations can be influenced by things like mindset, anger and even alcohol. It’s based in research and an interesting read. Here is a link: https://bit.ly/3iGy9mn
    8. “the negative effects of missing one’s own smartphone when it is absent counteracts the positive effect of smartphone absence.” That’s a thinker! And apparently, there is evidence to back it up. I’m not going to tie this into your studies or workplace, I think it is more about our concentration and development. We could extrapolate this to the impact phone dependence could have on our careers! Here’s a link to the research that could convince you to swipe and scroll your way to concentration superpowers (almost): https://bit.ly/399T6Dk

    That’s 8 – one more than last week. Maybe I’m getting better at this curation business. I dunno – what do you think?

    Here's my CPD list this week. There are only 2 entries this week, but then that's all we need! I'd love to see a screenshot of yours in the comments here.8467188081?profile=RESIZE_930x

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  • Hands up if your CPD has suffered over Christmas 🙋‍♂️. I’m back on the CPD horse now (and on the wagon thanks to an ill-thought-through late-night promise to do dry January, I digress). I have strapped on my wellies and trudged through the avalanche of industry newsletters to filter out the useful from the clickbait. There are no top tips, opinions or blogs in my lists. The only items to be graced with a place in my list are those that could be useful in your assignments and/or could provide as a stepping stone to other CPD – all of which you can put in your CPD log.

    May your CPD snowball into a monolith of learning!

    1. But what if you can’t find the time for all this CPD in the first place? Rest assured that I can help with taking that first step! We have a webinar on 28th January at 12 pm titled CPD Essentials for Busy People. In this free open invite webinar from the team that brought you CareerBurst your host, Sarah Hobbs, will ask questions to our panel of CPD champions to find out how they find and manage their CPD in our increasingly busy world. Here’s a link to the event: https://bit.ly/3oJCCXz
    2. If you are starting out on one of our L&D programmes, you will be asked to write about trends and the future. This piece by Trainingzone.co.uk will help: https://bit.ly/38CpNZN
    3. If you are interested in employers of choice Glassdoor have ranked the top 50 best places to work in 2021 where “Unlike other workplace awards, the Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards are based on the input of employees who anonymously and voluntarily provide feedback”. Apparently, working for The Walt Disney Company is only slightly better than working for Greggs – we live in a fascinating world. Take a look at the full list here: https://bit.ly/35EEJEH
    4. If you are doing a SWOT or PESTLE on an organisation this next article from People Management about those hit hardest by COVID could give you some facts and figures on threats to your people. It might also be helpful if you are looking for a deserved cause to attached to your corporate social responsibility The article notes, among a great many other figures, that 1 in 5 people in the UK were in poverty before the epidemic. Terrifying. Here’s a link: https://bit.ly/3soJzQ2
    5. We all need to learn stuff. Some learning is essential in the modern organisation such as: data protection policy, fire safety, safeguarding, equality and diversity etc. If you are looking to justify a staff development spend or maybe you are looking to increase engagement (via learning), I’ve found a study that suggests that as many as a quarter of staff have received no mandatory training at all! That’s the headline of this HRGrapevine article and there are more useable figures tucked into this nice and succinct resource. Take a look: https://bit.ly/2KfvFyK
    6. If managing or retaining talent is a hot topic for you then I have some bite-sized facts for you about why people choose to stay in an organisation such as 37% of people stayed because they were gaining skills (so there is an L&D link here too). The article is in the fabulous CareerBurst area. You’ll need to be logged in to CareerBurst (which you can find out about by clicking here) and once logged in click this link: https://bit.ly/2XEsiEz . On a separate note, I’ve had some training on how to add content to Careerburst – if there are any themes you’d like to see covered there just let me know.
    7. Another one from HRGrapevine. This time, I’m thinking that this will help you if you are interested in some quick information about the impact of furlough in the most recent lockdown e.g. this time around more businesses are being encouraged to stay open and homeschooling has become much more demanding. According to the article “71% of working mothers had their furlough requests denied”. I could see this article being helpful if you are involved in employee engagement, well-being, employer-branding and possibly extrinsic reward. Here’s a link: https://bit.ly/3if5IeY

    Let’s stop at 7 again. That should give you enough to look at for this week. Stay safe and I’ll blog you later.

    Here's an image of my CPD for January so far:


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  • I’ve been crazy busy this last fortnight and my CPD has suffered, but I have still managed some reading and filtered through the myriad of industry newsletters to filter out the useful from the clickbait. Below is what I have found, it could be useful in your assignments and/or you can use it steeping stone to other CPD – all of which you can put in your CPD log. Then that’s your CPD taken care of for the week. Consider it my Christmas gift to you.

    1. First up, an article from HRGrapevine is for you if you are looking for evidence the learning is the future of work. The article is in a personal blog style but has stats and quotes from various sources such as the global market for learning technologies being expected to grow by 19.5% and “online learning is … the second most popular delivery method over the last 12 months (behind on-the-job learning)” . Click here read the article on HRGrapevine’s website.
    2. Networking isn’t the be-all and end-all, but it is part of the picture – I’m paraphrasing Sarah Hobbs from CareerBursts here. Sarah’s ‘Leaky Bucket’ video is just a 2-minute watch but the networking exercise she suggests would clearly be valuable for your career profile and the exercise itself could be logged as CPD. Log in to your CareerBurst account (which is free for Community members) and you’ll see the video on the home page.
    3. If you are looking for ideas for your DBC assessment on our LDM programme, there is a free workbook via Udemy that promises to identify the learning culture and learning technologies in your organisation. From the results, I wonder if you could extrapolate a ‘researchable area of learning and development practice’ as required on the brief. I haven’t read this and so can’t vouch for it. Click here if you like the sound of it.
    4. The CIPD has offered up a rundown of some recent employment law cases that may be helpful to you if you are interested in constructive unfair dismissal. The cases include reference to disability, health, pregnancy and harassment. Click here to take a look. If you need more harassment case to reference, there are two more on page 15 of the December issue of People Management magazine.
    5. This one has no stats to quote but it is worth thinking about. It’s a short but thought-provoking article about the extent to which employers can monitor employees whilst home-working. It’s worth 5 minutes of your time. Click here to view on the Executive Grapevine site.
    6. 19% of Brits said they would ‘probably not’ or ‘definitely not’ have the COVID vaccine. Remarkable. Anyway, that might be something that has an impact on any return-to-work plans that you may be coordinating. If you want to quote this, go to page 13 of the December issue of People Management magazine.
    7. Do you even have time for all this CPD? I’m going to leave you with a link to an event that we have coming up in January in which a panel of CPD champions will discuss how they manage their CPD within their busy lives. I’ll be there. Click here to see the details.

    Let’s stop at 7 today. A lucky number.

    I used to know some trainers from the driver education industry in Scotland. When talking about speed limits in residential areas, they would say “Twenty’s plenty”. Well, 2020 has been plenty, plenty for me – I’ll be glad to see the back of it.

    It’s been a pleasure to keep you company this year. We’ve got lots of things to look forward to planned for 2021. I’ll see you there.

    Below are the 3 new entries in my log this week. I'd love to see yours!


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  • Hi Gary,

    This is brilliant info thanks!  I was wondering if we utilised a tool such as CareerBurst, how could we transfer this into our DVP2 exercise at the end of our course?  Would it be easy to export? Or would we have to transfer it onto a set template to be submitted?  I much prefer the idea of having an easy to access blog rather than an excel sreadsheet format, but worried that I'll end up with lots of work to transfer the detail?



    • Hi Selena Govier 

      You can indeed! There is a print button on the log. When you click that you get the option to download the log as a PDF. Then you take your PDF and upload it in place of the WORD template for DVP. It's as easy as that. 😊 You can then take the PDF and upload it anywhere else, such as when moving between membership levels with the CPD.


  • This week, I’ll start with telling you about some of the CPD I’ve done in the hope that it gives you ideas for the future and then I’ll move on to relevant reading that’ll be useful in your assignments and/or you can use it as jumping-off points to dive deeper into a subject – at which point you can log your dive time and depth in your CPD log. Then that’s your CPD taken care of for the week, easy! Jump in.

    1. This week I attended a short but perfectly formed webinar delivered by the team that brings you CareerBurst (accessible via the CPD and Career Development hub, click here to view – it’s the one I emailed you about on Thursday 26th). The webinar was ‘Carving out Time for your Career’. Lots of great tips on answering that old question: “when am I supposed to find time to fit all this in?”. There were top tips like turning off distracting notifications, scheduling time to do this and setting short and achievable targets. All good stuff… but you missed it – so make sure you don’t miss the next webinar by them on the subject of being a mentor. Click here to find out more. I’ll be there.
    2. I took part in a Zoom meeting this week where some of us explored new features on zoom, such as dragging and dropping video, spotlighting and adjusting filters. It’s well worth looking into. Typing something link ‘zoom updates’ into a search will bring up plenty of pages and videos. Spend an hour or so developing your skills and there you go – some CPD done.

    Ok, now on to the relevant reading bit:

    1. The Chancellor has announced increases to the national living wage and a tiny whiny increase for heroic NHS staff (which he somehow tried to justify by blaming the private sector for cutting jobs). Where is that little shoulder shrug emoji when I need it? Anyway, quotable figures and comparisons of the disparity between public and private sector pay can be found in a CIPD article by clicking here. There’s not much you don’t already know but it could be a good jumping-off piece. Worth a look for those studying reward or doing organisational SWOT and PESTLEs.
    2. I received an invite via Training Industry to download a report promising to tell me Where Training is Headed in 2021. To be honest, I didn’t connect with the report, it seemed to me to be a promotional tool for an LMS. I’d avoid it.
    3. Who doesn’t love a bit of neuroscience? My partner is a neuropsychologist, so I guess I kind of have to – vicariously at the very least. There’s a short article on TrainingZone this week that touches on the different types of attention that your brain has, and the brain’s braking system and its implications for multitasking. If you are designing learning experiences, I’d take a look – it might help you get contemporary ideas into your design. Click here to view.
    4. HR Solutions have published a page on the new right to work points-based system immigration system. It’s nothing that isn’t already available on the gov.uk site but the layout is easier on the eye than those stark black on white gov pages. It’s all here: what gets what points, eligibility, sponsoring, monitoring requirements etc. This is must-have knowledge for recruiters. Click here to view.
    5. If you are looking for evidence to back up an agenda for flexible working and skills training, People Management have a fact and link filled article for you. It draws on data from a report from a legit source and “This report highlights many examples of individuals who became downwardly socially mobile as a result of poor practices, such as no job flexibility, discrimination, non-inclusive practices in the workplace and more.” Click here to take a look.
    6. Are you looking for facts and figures on the subject of employers of choice or inclusion? HR Grapevine has an article summarising key points from a Financial Times report which lists top-ranking organisations following a whopping 100,000 employee survey. Click here to take a look.
    7. Remember informal conversations are just as notable as CPD as reading and attending events, so go ahead and log the time you spend in the interesting discussions springing up on the Home Page such as those around: Redundancy and mapping roles, measuring team performance, elearning, soft skills, blended learning and more!

    Phew, there is more there than I expected. That'll keep you busy. You can return the favour by buying me a coffee once this dang pandemic is done. Until then, stay safe folks. 


    via GIPHY

    CPD and Career Development Forum - latest discussions
    Take a look at the fantastic evidence-based career guidance and CPD tracker then return here to share your thoughts.
  • I am really stuck for CPD - my compnay has no training or CPD programme, I don't work in HR and my job has set parameters which don't change.  Is there any webinar I can join to get help with this?

    • Hi Susannah Whitman 

      I'm really pleased to see you post here. Your situation is exactly the kind of thing I am trying to help with. To get that CPD for you, you can:

      1, Use the reading I'm talking about in these posts: if you sit and read for an hour, for example, and learn new stuff relevant to your career - that's an hour of CPD to log 😊

      2, Hit the Events Calendar at the top of the page: attendance of the events there can all be noted as CPD! All the upcoming events are currently online for obvious reasons but it's all CPD just the same 📝

      3, Another option is to write a blog here in this space! Write about something you are interested in, some relevant news or something you have learnt about (as part of your learning programme for example) or all three. You could even blog about your journey through the programme every week or so  - this is kind of what I'm doing and it's all legit CPD.

      I hope this helps. I'm happy to keep kicking ideas around here if you want to chat some more.

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