CPD Curration for the People Occupation

CPD Curration for the People Occupation

This blog is here to give you a list of items/activities that you could use as a basis for your CPD log. I'll only list items that I think will help with DPG assignments or support you in the workplace. I'm mainly looking for facts and statistics that you can quote in your work. Thus providing you with useful references for assignments and ammunition to support points you might be trying to prove in the workplace.

I'll post an updated image of my CPD log in the thread from time to time along with an updated list of curated and evaluated items/activities. There you go, my gift to you: your CPD is taken care of. It's that easy.


The main image for this blog is my CPD log. What does your CPD log look like? I'd love to it if you commented with a screengrab of your log.

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  • Anyone studying business environment, organisational performance (3CO01, 5CO01, 7Co01 and CHR) have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to finding factors that impact organisations – in the shape of the pandemic. Add in the ‘pingdemic’ and you’ve got plenty to work with. There are so many sources out there that I’ll let you choose your own. I have, however, picked out 4 more items this week which I've found to be relevant to various elements of the DPG programmes. Here you go:

    1. When it comes to labour markets, the current tight labour market should follow the theory that salaries should be increasing – but they aren’t. He is a quick read from Sky News which could be a stepping-stone to further reading on the: https://bit.ly/3iEhTD1
    2. There I was a couple of weeks ago extolling the virtues of the Deloitte website because they provide all kinds of information that is helpful – yet they are in the news this week because a Partner in the business told younger employees that their private time was not their own (!). This could be an example to use if you are studying whistleblowing, fairness, culture, bad practice and generally putting ones’ foot in it. Take a look: https://bit.ly/3rnHzI3
    3. There are questions in the qualifications about the impact managers have on reward and 5CO03 asks about leadership actions that conflict with ethics. Here is a new article, from the BPS, in which the title pretty much explains why it might help you: People In Positions Of Power Are More Likely To Blame And Punish Others For Poor Performance. Here is a link: https://bit.ly/3xWHsp6
    4. We’ve got questions in 3CO02 about social media and technology is pervasive in many parts of the programme so this podcast titled Social media – no longer a risk to be managed may be useful (and CIPD podcasts usually come with a transcript which makes referencing easier): https://bit.ly/3rwIXrz

    I'm on annual leave next week Friday so there will be no post here from me. See you in a fortnight.

    'Fire and rehire' battle to intensify amid push to make the employment practice illegal
    Nearly one in 10 workers have been asked to reapply for their jobs since the start of lockdown, research suggests.
  • Here it is, that moment you've been waiting for(!): my list of resources curated over the last week that could be used to help you with certain assessment questions across the DPG qualifications.

    I hope these help. Read them, use them - and if you don't use them, can they go in your bibliography or CPD record?

    1. Ethics is a concept that is a kind of golden thread running through all our CIPD programmes. I’ve been poking around on the Future Learn website this week and the Ethical Management and Decision-Making programme promises to deliver an Ethical Decision-Making Model and one of the topics is Corporate Responsibility. Access is free for 5 weeks, which should be plenty of time to grab some useful learning and that duration suggests that the course isn’t so complex that it would distract from your DPG programme completely. If you fancy, take a look: https://bit.ly/3htnRqM
    2. An external factor that could have an impact on certain organisations is the Professional Qualifications bill which, this article says, could make it harder to recruit from outside the UK. If this is something that you want to use for assessment criteria 1.3 in 5CO03 (or CHR), click on the link: https://bit.ly/3wM7SZc
    3. Criteria 1.4&3.3 in 5CO01 ask for examples of current issues that will affect products and services. What would be the impact on products and services if parents don’t have enough childcare over the summer holidays and can the people professional help? Here is a poll to give you some ammunition if you want to use this subject: https://bit.ly/3xK9DaP
    4. Here is an article if you are looking for a contemporary story on fairness or a People Practice issue that requires a solution. It’s about there being a two-tier system in Google’s remote working policy. Take a look: https://bit.ly/3B0EOR0
    5. Remote working is another subject that can be threaded into responses to assessment questions about lots of subjects such as culture, reward, engagement, inclusion and technology. There is a new study from Goldman Sachs with yet more data to back up the positives of remote work. The article also lists some big names from both the for and against home working camp. There is also a little critical analysis of the figures too. Here is a link: https://bit.ly/3ic5Mge

    Enjoy the weather.

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    Ethical Management and Decision Making - Management Course Online - FutureLearn
    Consider ethical principles, obligations and values within an organisation and decipher how to manage ethically with this course from the University…
  • Happy Friday folks.

    I've been a little more successful in terms of the number of items I've found this week (as opposed to last week). Here are four items I've found in my travels across the internet this week that will help those studying at DPG and could easily be read and added to your CPD log:

    1. Influencing (and communication) skills are mentioned in several units. If you fancy expanding your reading beyond the norm, take a look at this new article about how to talk to loved ones who believe in conspiracy theories. Maybe it could help when discussing Covid vaccinations in the workplace. You be the judge: https://bit.ly/3dVUL11
    2. The prevalence of remote working continues to increase. It is relevant for many elements of DPG assessments including those around culture, technology, reward, fairness, wellbeing and more. Deloitte are in the news this week as one of the latest companies to allow homeworking forever. If you want to use this fact in your assessments, here is a useful link: https://bit.ly/2T1c5us. They are also a useful company to be aware of when it comes to studying as they carry out audits about all kinds of business information which you can use to underpin your studies.
    3. Likewise, diversity and inclusion remain a current issue – and permeate through many parts of our qualifications. I’ve been doing some research on avoiding bias this week and I came across a webpage designed to help us remove bias from any writing that we do. Presenting written material free from prejudice is a key element in facilitating D&I. Here is the article: https://bit.ly/3ANjJJK
    4. And if you would like a real-life example of where poor choice of wording can cause D&I issues, take a look at the astonishing wording from a recent survey on ‘whiteness’ issued by that paragon of virtue that is Oxfam. https://bit.ly/2T1mHcM

    See you next week.

    How Should You Talk To A Loved One Who Believes In Conspiracy Theories?
    By Emily Reynolds. Why do people believe in conspiracy theories — and how should you talk to them? We digest the literature and talk to the experts.
  • Oh oh, my momentum has slowed to crawl this week - I have one item to recommend to you. That's right: one!

    This week has been tough on the old grey matter. I'll get more together for you next week.

    1. Labour markets come up in many DPG units and they are certainly an external factor to be considered if you are doing an analysis of the business environment (SWOT/PESTLE for CHR, 5CO01 or 3CO01 for example). Here is a link to an article that highlights current labour shortages and contains a link to the CIPD’s Labour Market Outlook findings: https://bit.ly/3wbQtsT


  • I only have 4 items for you this week, but I am hitting my target of getting some curation out to you every week so I'm happy with that. These items should help with the named units/subject, if not remember that this kind of learning can be recorded as CPD.

    1. A small one to kick things off here. There is a short article in the June edition of People Management magazine that presents results of a survey that show that hand signals in virtual meetings improve communication. This might be nice to refer to in 5CO03 where we are asked about communication skills. Here is a link to the web version: https://bit.ly/3j0AFGh
    2. If you are looking to justify the use of digital media for activities such as engagement, communication or training, take a look Ofcom’s report on Adults’ Media Use & Attitudes. It contains a wealth of figures which include a breakdown of media use by age, socio-economic group and nation. Take a look: https://bit.ly/3vP6gOa
    3. 5CO03 2.2 and 2.3 asks for a people practice initiative based on feedback and evaluation of the initiative. I found a great example (although the description of the feedback could do with more research), again, in the June People Management magazine - on page 23. The article explains how a charity’s HR admin time was reduced significantly. Here is a web link: https://bit.ly/2T1R8zk
    4. For exactly the same criteria as the previous point, here is an alternative you could use if you really want to go upmarket: Buckingham Palace have published feedback highlighting limited diversity in their workforce and it looks like there will be a measurable initiative to address the situation: https://bit.ly/3w0GGpb
    Hand signals improve virtual meetings
    Study finds those who used signals in video calls felt closer to their team
  • Good morning all.

    I'm posting up early this morning as I have a ton of work that I need to tick off today and since I've been ahead of the game with my curation this week, I can share it here and get it off my desk and on to yours! 

    Enjoy - and remember: even if you don't need these sources right now, you can use them in your CPD log and/or potentially add them to a relevant bibliography.

    1. This will divide opinion: Vaccinations to be made compulsory for care home staff. This could be a great discussion point when it comes to ethics – and possibly legality. Here is a link to begin exploring the idea: https://bit.ly/35owg7Y
    2. Diversity and inclusion are subjects that come up in 5CO03 and is mentioned in 3CO01 and 3CO03. I’ve no doubt you’ll find the subject woven into several units, particularly any unit where culture is discussed. Shortly we will also be able to release the specialist modules focusing on inclusion and diversity (at Associate and Advanced levels). Here is a link to a new article that presents figures that argue that D&I isn’t all plain sailing: https://bit.ly/3pZnqr5
    3. If you are interested in a real-life D&I issue, take a look at this upcoming webinar: https://bit.ly/3zymk9M
    4. Critical thinking came up in a 5CO01 webinar this week and I stumbled across a page that offers up the 9 traits of critical thinking. The skill of critical thinking itself is expected throughout the DPG qualifications so this is worth a look: https://bit.ly/3cKDQ12
    5. If you are doing any kind of analysis of factors that may impact your organisation (3CO01, 5CO01 and CHR etc) take a look at an article predicting long-term working from home government recommendations, sick pay reviews and the installation of ventilation systems as part of measures to tackle coronavirus: https://bit.ly/3vpfMao


    COVID-19: Vaccinations to be made 'compulsory' for care home staff and looked at for NHS workers -…
    There have been more than 40,000 deaths involving COVID-19 in care homes in England.
  • I've been knee-deep in researching for webinar preparation and elesson authoring this week and whilst doing so I've stumbled across a few sources that might help your DPG studies and general CPD. Enjoy!:

    1. This first item might be quite niche. If you are studying 3CO02 (and possibly 5CO02) and in particular you are interested in the L&D perspective of evidence-based have a look at the CIPD’s Learning Skills at Work Survey 2021. When you open the PDF, click CTRL+f to search the document (from a PC) for ‘evidence-based'. You’ll find a few barriers mentioned, some food for thought on the direction of EBP and a short reading list of other relevant CIPD resources. Here is the link: https://bit.ly/359HRrn
    2. If you are studying inclusion and fairness (2.1 in 5CO03 for instance) there is an article in the June issue of People Management magazine starting on page 31 that discusses the impact and links between remote working and fair access to things like bonuses and training. Just in case you’ve used your magazine to light that barbecue (shame on you) here is a web-based version of the article: https://bit.ly/3v4NMsA
    3. June is pride month so here is a trending subject to look at. Inclusion is where this is relevant to your studies – which comes up in several units. This article shows the percentage of LGBT inclusion in different sectors. Maybe you could compare your organisation to the rest of the sector as part of an inclusivity analysis, for instance. Here is a link: https://bit.ly/355HONr
    4. Several units require PESTLE analysis such as 5CO03 and CHR. If you are searching for something describe under the L heading, you could consider the legal ramifications of COVID-19 on employment law. Here is a short article to give you food for thought: https://bit.ly/3iyzkXd
    5. One question I get asked a lot, in one form or another is ‘What activities are CPD?’. I get asked ‘Is reading CPD?’ too. Today I stumbled across this quote from a well-regarded source and I think it nicely offers reassurance: “everything you do is part of your learning experience at work. When you talk with your boss, attend a meeting, read an article, or view a video – you are learning something. And of course, when you finish a project, get feedback from a project lead, or complete a new design, you are creating a part of your “credentials” that help you show others what you know how to do.” The original article is about digital learning and not CPD as such – but then the whole point of my blogs is that I find info for you that you might not have found yet so hopefully, that’s job done. Here is the full article: https://bit.ly/3xe4erJ


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    And I haven't added any of this to my CPD log yet - aaarrggh! I need to get a move on.

    Learning and skills at work | CIPD
    Our survey report and case studies, produced in partnership with Accenture, examine current practices and trends in learning and development (L&D)
  • I had my second COVID jab yesterday and I'm struggling to keep my head up long enough to look at the screen, so curation is over for this week. I still managed to find 4 useful items though. 😊

    1. This next link will take you to an article that actually puts a pounds and pence cost on home working vs returning to office-based work. This may be helpful to anyone studying extrinsic Reward and the impact of external factors mentioned in 3CO01, 5CO01 and CHR. https://bit.ly/3fpXfpD
    2. I was looking up sources for information about Organisational Theory to help with 5CO01 and came across this next page. To my surprise, if you scroll past the clickbait ads there is also information that could help with Reward Management, Ethics, motivational theory, the list goes on. The information is limited and there are no links to academic sources but as a jumping-off point for further reading, this page could come in handy. I can’t vouch for the dubious ads though. Take a look if you dare: https://bit.ly/3uE5939
    3. A new article ‘Why equality and inclusion training is essential for your team’ could be helpful for people studying 5CO01 as well.
    4. Gender pay gap issues touch on many DPG units particularly when we are talking about ethics, fairness, law and reward. There is a new article released today detailing how Tesco were paying female staff up to £3 per hour less than men. It’s always really good to have contemporary news in your assignments so take a look and see if this will help you: https://bit.ly/3imDkKl

    Ok, I'm just going to rest my head on this keyboard and sleep off these post-jab side effects 💉. Bye for nowwwwwwwwwww 


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  • Here is my curation this week. I told myself to find 4 or 5 items - then I found 8. I just can't get the balance right 😉

    Anyway, take a look at the resources. I hope help with your assignments and remember that reading is CPD and can be logged as such in your free CareerBurst CPD log.

    1. For unit 5CO02 – I can’t stress enough the usefulness of the Evidence-based Practice factsheet and Principles-led page on the CIPD website. Links are: https://bit.ly/2QMAKBT and https://bit.ly/3ffPzpV
    2. Whilst looking for examples of PM best practice to support 3CO02, I found a link to a document promising ‘7 digital best practices for HR professionals’. It’s not great for 3CO02 but it might give you ideas if you are struggling. It is certainly worth reading and adding to your bibliography. Here’s the link: https://bit.ly/3yDDQJw
    3. On the same note of good practice, here is an article that describes how Avon has used technology to benefit communication during the pandemic: https://bit.ly/3fnpm8T. Arguably this is a good role model example of how to look after employees.
    4. If you are looking for external factors and how they have impacted organisations for units such as 3CO01, 5CO01 and CHR here is a link to an article which help: https://bit.ly/3hPrOXw The article offers insights such as that the pandemic has sparked a 70% increase in digital learning – and much more.
    5. On the same subject of factors impacting organisations and the people management agenda (for 3CO01, 5CO01 and CHR), there are some results from a new poll available that give plenty of quotable statistics about what employees want now that returning to offices is becoming an option. Here is a link: https://bit.ly/3utadai
    6. Equality and ethics are deeply woven into all the qualifications at DPG and has become especially highlighted in the new qualifications with these subject mentioned in almost all the assessments. This recent document gives some handy examples about how several well know organisations have been dealing with the issue lately: https://bit.ly/3fjYxma. It’s not the most comprehensive article in the world but it might give you enough to springboard you onto other research.
    7. If you are studying reward and/or are interested in total reward packages, this next article will help. EVP gets a mention in the article too: https://bit.ly/3fOpiOE
    8. One last item this week, the CIPD released a Learning and skills at work report on 25th It promises to explore “trends and practices in learning and skills development” with a goal to provide “evidence-led recommendations” to learning professionals. Here is a link to it: https://bit.ly/3fXujEK. I’ll be honest, I haven’t read it yet – but I will and then I’ll note it as CPD.
    Evidence-based Practice for Effective Decision-Making | Factsheets | CIPD
    Evidence-based practice is an approach for improving decision-making which takes account of the best available evidence and critical thinking.
  • This curation business is harder than I thought. As you can see my efforts (posts) are sporadic at best! So what's the answer? I'm going to try the 'little and often approach' for a while and see if that works out. 

    Here we go then, a much shorter list than previously and more directed at units within DPG programmes - yet all still viable as reading you can document as part of your CPD log. 

    1. Reward management – gender pay reporting has been big news in recent years now. The CIPD are no making moves to tackle ethnicity pay reporting. This could help with your discussion around the importance of equality and transparency. https://bit.ly/2T7Kjw2
    2. 3CO01, 5CO01 and CHR . when analysing external factors that impact the organisation, you have more than likely chosen the pandemic as a key factor. If you are looking for how that factor has impacted products and services and even the agenda of the people practice teams – you could consider that presenteeism has increased due to the pandemic (and how). Here is a link to some new and useful CIPD statistics on the subject: https://bit.ly/3ynmGj4
    3. If remote working is a total reward benefit and a result of the pandemic, then this next article could be useful for all of the units mentioned above: the article gives figures showing that remote working boosts inclusivity. Here is a link (you need to have a free account to read the whole article): https://bit.ly/3oCuTeG
    4. 5CO01 - In this unit, you need to know the positive impacts of diversity – and the negative impacts presented by a lack thereof. Here is a link to a report that shows that diverse teams are more creative: https://bit.ly/3v8m3rO

    I'll make myself a promise right here in black and white to share another 4 or 5 items next Friday too. 


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    Ethnicity pay reporting | CIPD
    Read the CIPD's submission to the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy
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