Complete our Survey and win a crate of wine or a cart of clothes?

Think back to when you made your New Year’s resolutions. It doesn’t feel long ago, but it is over half a year. How many of those have you ticked off? You’ve only got 10 weeks to do them all!

It’s ludicrous how fast the year passes, and how hard it can be to make space for your personal and professional development. This is why we have introduced a Develop Yourself survey. The survey gives insight into how you and others develop knowledge, skills, and behaviours.

To say thank you for completing it, we'll send you a complimentary copy of the final report once all the responses have been analysed and collated.

Whether you are looking to plan the next stage of your career, or just interested to read about what the current trends in  personal development are, we guarantee you will find the survey useful.

We’re not naïve -- we know that it was the wine and the shopping brought you here! So to encourage you to click the big purple button below you will be entered into a draw to win a crate of wine or £100 Love to Shop vouchers in time for Christmas!



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  • Done! And shared. :-)

    • Thanks Tamasin. Was in the wine or the clothes that did it?

      • Both - I'm easily pleased! :-D

  • Completed. You had me at 'wine.'


    Looking forward to seeing the reults. 


    • Same here :-)

    • Hahaha! I must admit it got me when I first heard about it Carl.

      Thanks for completing this. Did you get the report from last year?

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