Discussing Mental Health in the Workplace

Hi everyone,

We are working on a study to see how comfortable UK employees feel about discussing mental health problems with their manager.

We would love to get your insight on whether managers have the training needed to support their staff with mental health problems.

Please could you take some time to answer these questions?

  • Do you think that managers are equipped to deal with mental health problems in the workplace?
  • What advice would you give to managers that need support in this area?
  • Do you think there is a stigma attached to mental health problems in work?
  • If so, what can line managers and HR departments do to help mitigate this?
  • Have you ever experienced employees lying about why they’ve taken time off work? (because they do not want to disclose their mental health problem to their employer)

We'd love to hear from you below but recognise that this can be a sensitive subject so we've created an anonymous survey monkey with the same questions.

You can access the link here

Thanks in advance 

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