Do you consider Emotion At Work?

Do you consider Emotion At Work?

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HR, Organisational Development and Learning & Development professionals are being encouraged to look beyond policy, process, one size fits all solutions and traditional learning methods towards a world that supports the individual, focuses on business outcomes, supports freedom and self directed learning and most of the all, gets out of the way.The challenge, this is redefining credibility, expectations and ways of working to both us as the HR/OD/L&D professional and to the business people we work with. Even more so though, it triggers a whole load of emotions for people, possible examples:

  • Joy - At last, this is amazing and just how I want my work to be, let's get on with it.
  • Anxiety - I don't think that is me? It is a really different way of working and I'm not sure if that is me or that I can do it.
  • Loss - But that process/policy is what has protected business for decades. If we don't have that, how will we manage?
  • Frustration - That is all well and good, but that is not what my boss or my stakeholders say they want from me.They want me to do what they tell me, I'm not allowed to talk about impact on business outcomes, I need to get 100% compliance or completion.
  • Determination - I know it is going to be hard work and I need to get support and commitment but I know that this will make things better for people so I am going to do it.
  • Offence - That goes against my beliefs or experience. Sure that sounds great and the practical reality is that is a million miles away from where I or my company is, it's a pipe dream.

There are many more possible reactions and these are here to provide an illustration and remember, these are just from the perspective of the L&D/OD/L&D professional. If we explored the possible reactions from individuals/stakeholders/managers in businesses they may be different.The point, Emotion is At Work here and there is no hiding from it.One thing we can do to help us be successful as individuals as well as helping the businesses we work within perform, is harness the power of emotion. Emotion is firing and affecting what is thought and actions that are taken. The choice? Ignore it or actively work to understand, channel and harness it.

Over the next few weeks, myself and Phil Willcox will be sharing posts, videos and articles that can help and assist in making the most of Emotion At Work in individuals, between people and within organisations.

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  • Thanks all for joining in this discussion on Emotions at Work. We're pleased to announce a free webinar on the topic on Monday 9th June on the topic with founder of the Emotion at Work conference Phil Willcox.

    You'll find more details about the webinar and how to register here:

  • I am totally in agreement with these comments! I heard a speaker at a CIPD conference talk about the 'Human' aspect of HR... and yes, humans have emotions.... about time that this is included in the whole strategic objectives equation.. after all, it is the 'humans' that will achieve this..  looking forward to reading more about this..

    • Edith, this is so important isn't it. Thank you for your thoughts. We have a conference happening in June that delves into this topic even more. It is listed in the Events / CPD page here in the community.
      I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the next few posts we have coming up.
  • All great to hear, and something that I feel very strongly about.  Too often HR gets tarred with being a process and policy driven part of any organisation - whereas I personally think we can provide such support and structure whilst never forgetting the human bit of human resources.  

    I look forward to reading the posts that come up.


    • Hi Steve, thank you for your comments. Great to hear this is something that resonates with you. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the other posts we have coming up.
  • It is so easy to become task focused, I should know!!

    But if we want to make real progress we need to stand back and consider the emotional impact of our actions, l these emotional reactions manifest them selves later as behavioral reactions  so managing emotional responses now = correct behaviour later. 

    • Thank you for your thoughts on this Howard.
  • This is such and important topic - I'm watching with interest x

    • Thank you Julie
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