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DPG CIPD Level 7 students achieve record exam results

The class of 2018 have beaten all records and achieved the best results ever with DPG’s Advanced Level 7 programme. The masters level qualification is the highest level of qualification available from the CIPD and provides a gateway to Chartered membership of the CIPD.

Gill White from CIPD said, ‘We’ve worked out in CIPD this [level of qualification and membership status] can mean up to £150,000 more earnings than without it’.

The assessments and level 3 and 5 are carried out from within the programme but at Level 7, participants sit end of programme examinations. Over 80% of our participants have passed, higher than the national average and 12% of those got the highly sought-after distinction.

But just because the programme has ended our work doesn’t stop. At DPG we build life-long relationships with our participants and continue to help them develop after their programme has concluded. We provide participants with lifetime access to the DPG Community; a rich source of continued professional development.

What about those that haven’t yet passed? Just like driving tests not everyone makes it through first time. It’s not the case that they haven’t worked incredibly hard, it’s simply a reflection of the high standards demanded by our profession. Our guaranteed pass means that we continue to support all on our programmes to ensure they successfully complete and gain their qualification.

Undergoing a CIPD Level 7 qualification is a big commitment and comes with hard work. DPG Student of the Year 2018 winner Amy Summers, told us at our graduation ceremony,

‘It’s been tough, but it’s definitely been worth it. I’ve learned a huge amount in the last couple of years not only from the facilitator and the materials but also from the people I’ve been working with on the course.’

Planning your study time, keeping your calendar up to date with programme milestones and making sure your manager and family are on your side to help you through your study period are tips that people shared with us.

But the hard work pays off. As well as a high degree of personal credibility you gain, there are huge benefits to the organisations you work for. Amy went on to tell us,

‘It’s made a massive difference really. It’s helped me to learn how to put HR into practice with our business. There are various things we’ve been able to roll out as a result of learning what I have on the programme.’

There are two CIPD Advanced Level 7 qualifications available from DPG; Human Resource Management and the L&D equivalent qualification in Human Resource Development.

If you want to reach the top of the qualification ladder with CIPD, we’d love to talk about how we can support you.

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  • Well Done everyone - great results!

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