I can't believe it's October next week. We've got just a few weeks to get our Halloween outfits ready. Scary ey?

But fear not. When it comes to your professional development October is a great month. We've lined up some live online interactive sessions for you designed to help you boost your career, rock your development and learn some pretty good stuff.

We'll be helping you to develop life long skills and show you how you can unlock a powerful approach to your continous professional development. We'll share tips and techniques and introduce you to the people and places that can help you to develop yourself for the rest of your working life. FREE. A lifetime learning journey of CPD. #LOVECPD. 

But one word of warning. I am not going to make the replay of these publically available after each event. It's a decision I've made which to be honest, may not go down well.  But, if I can begin to beg for forgiveness.... there is a reason behind that. You see I'm seeing these as 'practice sessions'. Don't get me wrong, I'm really happy with the sessions and what's going to be covered. They're proper live streams with video, discussions, interviews and more. I know they'll be great events and I'm ready for them.  

Even so, I'm not going to be releasing the recordings of them publically straight away.

However, here's the deal. If you are worried that you can't make the date and time that they're running, register anyway. And my commitment is that the minute I do (if I do) release the recordings, I'll let you know first. Fair?


Here's the links to them. See you there....

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  • Really enjoyed the first session and looking forward to the next one. I do use Twitter but I tend to dip in and out of it. I could definitely be using it more. Was also cool to experience another different webinar platform!

    • Hi Lorna - we've been really impressed with Webinar Jam. It isn't stupidly expensive and provides some really nice features and functionality. 

      I'm sure Ady's session on Friday will help you maximise the value you get when you dip in to Twitter. Look forward to seeing you there!

  • Ady - I thoroughly enjoyed your first webinar - it was buzzing!  And great to see some of the participants from mine and Gary's online HRM groups present and contributing.  I loved the fact you deliver in such a way that appeals to all - including those who this is all new to.  A great opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and as you say be part of a community for that hour (and beyond by our fellow attendees being potential members of our Personal Learning Networks).  I have been reflecting on the discussion around the fact that communities thrive on having both like minded people and people who have contrasting views - and its those challenging views which can be key to expanding our minds (and mindsets) and learning...Great stuff - look forward to next week.

  • Done. I don't use twitter so skipped that one. Facebook and linkedin is as much as I can cope with, social media wise ;) 

    • Great to have you along Carolina.

      I hear what you're saying about Twitter too! I rocked along with Facebook, Linked In and a dormant Twitter account for some years. I'm still pretty much the same these days expect Twitter has become an active part of the mix. I've learned some tools and techniques that have helped me get the most from Twitter when it comes to personal development without it becoming another social media burden! 

      Great to have you in the sessions. You're in both the community ones right?

  • A great idea and all registered, Thanks Ady.

    • Hi Debbie. Just a quick one. Can I ask you a question? (*goes on to assume a yes!!)

      What caught your eye with these sessions? What are you most looking for from them?

    • Thanks Debbie. Looking forward to them
  • Fantastic opportunity. Thanks Ady.

    • You think these might be useful to some of your group Gary? I'd love to have them along too. I want to meet  some people who are up for rocking their CPD skills!

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