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I've just seen a discussion sharing some advice from a collaboration of some level three foundation groups from Autumn 2013.  It's hints and tips around how to get the most out of the programme you are studying.  If you're about to start, part way through or even finished wondering what you could have done better, it's worth a read and you'll find it here.

I think for me perhaps sharing a little more knowledge and information during the programme would be a useful addition to my studies.  Whilst I have done some of this, I've no doubt I could have done more.  I'd start by using less of the "I've got no time" excuse that has occasionally prevented me from sharing on the community.  Really, that old time excuse is just a tiny rock that's easily stepped over.  Yes, I've spent half an hour on this particular article but it doesn't always have to be that way.  It's amazing what you can share just on your status of the DPG Community in just 140 characters.  It takes just a minute or two to pop a sentence on saying "Here's a great link I've found on this particular topic - click it to find out more" and sharing it out there.  Of course, when you do have a bit more time, there's blogs, discussions and all sorts to get involved in.

So here's some suggestions on how to get the most out of the DPG Community...  You can do as many or as few of these as you would like in whatever order, however frequent you want to!

  • Use the 'SEARCH' function to type in key words or phrases. In the 4 years the community has been around there have been so many great discussions and resources shared so make sure you make the most of them. You can find the search button in the top right of the community. 

  • Spend just half an hour write a listing your key learning points for each unit in your programme.  Share these on the community and send a link to your group (and also make sure there's an entry in your CPD log).  Do this after EVERY unit and all of a sudden you've nailed an entry in your CPD log every single month

  • Review a link from one of your e-lessons, the community or social media. Think about what it means to you in your role and how you can use it and write down your findings.  Then put your comments on the DPG community about that particular topic in a discussion and ask others what they think.  Don't forget, send a link to those on your group.

  • As soon as you get an assignment, use the DPG community to carry out your research.  Use the discussions  to post questions such as... "I'm just about to write an assignment on x.  What's your views on this subject?  Let me know how this works in your organisation". Use quotes from this discussion in your assignments (using of course the link in the reference section)

  • Share a link to a picture that represents a really good model that you've been learning about

  • Use You Tube to find a video that really explains well something you're learning about and post a link on the DPG Community.

  • Attend a seminar, training event, workshop, online webinar (which DPG often host from time to time) then write a blog on what you found useful.

  • Find someone on the DPG Community on Twitter and ask their advice on or for links to information on a particular topic you're learning about.  

And remember, it's not just about the period of time you're studying.  The DPG Community exists beyond your qualification achievements.  I'm hanging around here on the Community for many years (or at least until the injunction goes through!).

So what's your ideas....?  What other ideas have you got for using the DPG Community for your studies?  What have you found that works really well in terms of using this?  How has this community contributed to your CPD log?  Not yet started, which one of these ideas do you see yourself doing?  What other ideas have you got?  Have you shared a link to these discussions with your new group members?

Look forward to hearing back from you....

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Ady Howes - Community Manager, DPG

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  • Thanks for your tips Andy. Point 1 and 3 are spot on and I intend to use these in my forthcoming Level 5 Diploma in L&D.

    • Hi Sahid,

      Thanks for your reply. I'll look forward to seeing and hopefully joining in your discussions. Those two points you've highlighted really helped me particularly when I was doing the same qualification as you're starting. This reflective practice became really important to me and the wider discussions on the community built nicely on the conversations from the workshops.

      The community is certainly a great place to be throughout and beyond your studies.

      Look forward to hearing more from you. Welcome to your programme and good luck.


  • Thank you for this Ady! Useful information for a new starter like me!

    • Great thanks Emily. Pleased to have you onboard. Which programme are you doing? Which of the ideas do you think you're most likely to use? Love it when good stuff is shared on the community.

      Enjoy your programme with us. 

      • I am doing the Level 3 Certificate in HR. I think using the discussions to ask questions will be a good tool for me, especially when completing my first few assignments.
  • Hello Ady, posting question, which I am just about to do. Listing key points from modules, now that's the one thing I will benefit from personally,as it will enable me to focus on key subject matter, as well as using the logs almost as a revision page. Well at least that's the plan!
    • That sounds like a pretty good plan! Thanks for sharing your idea. Keep us posted!

  • Thanks Ady, it's all good stuff. I will attempt to follow advice from your blog. Top man.
    • Great to hear Steve. Any that you particularly like?

  • Great advice. Can't wait to get started.

This reply was deleted.

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