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How can you deal with office monsters?

How can you deal with office monsters?

With Halloween only a few days away we thought we'd look for a resource to help you deal with spooky bosses and office monsters.

These frightening characters are present in many organisations and can materialise faster and stick around for longer than any ghoul or ghost, but how do we deal with these office monsters?

The below video focuses on the behaviours involved and characteristics of the following 'monsters' that can be a real horror story and make working life a misery for others.

- the shouters

- hyercompetitives

- the fraudsters

- the stealers

- the super aggressives

- the knit-pickers

- the blamers

The list goes on - these difficult monsters are present in many organisations and have a real impact on how we behave in our jobs. As HR professionals we need to ensure these behaviours are dealt with in line with the organisations values that support the right behaviours not the negative ones that can be so disruptive. It's hard sometimes to address these behaviours but the video does give some insight and tips on dealing with these 'monsters' with some practical tips. 

Have you ever come across the 'office monster' or a 'spooky boss'? We'd love to hear your thoughts on how to deal with them or if you agree with tips in the video - let us know in comments below 

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  • Really enjoyed this video clip and loved the fact that she mentioned we cannot change others but learn to manage ourselves so we are proactive and not reactive.

    Understanding self triggers and how to manage such triggers.

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