How do you Become a More Effective L&D Professional?

How do you Become a More Effective L&D Professional?

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How do you become a more effective L&D Professional


This is a topic that we should all be following. There's never a finish line to the question "How do you become a more effective L&D Professional". As the life-long-learners that we have subscribed to being, we should continually look to raise the bar.

I was hoping to be checking out tips on this subject from Talent Management Professional Danny Kalman and Social Media and Engagement Advisor to the CIPD Perry Timms at this year's CIPD L&D Show.  But the session is fully booked.

So perhaps a topic that we can discuss on here anyway.  What do you think helps you to become a more effective L&D Professional?

Sorry I can't bring you news from this particular session, but there's loads more happening down here tomorrow on at the 2014 CIPD Learning and Development Show. If you're here say hello to DPG on stands 353 and 687.

You can follow tweets @dpgplc from this event on Wednesday and Thursday.  Tweet you there!

In the meantime, I'd love to hear what questions and comments you have about becoming a more effective L&D Professional.




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  • Mike - loads of activity on Twitter after your session this afternoon.

    People are really feeling the love of your C Words!

    Folks - If you haven't yet heard these, take a look here:,-the-most-importan...

  • Love the C Word blog. There's some really good points in there. A couple of these words feature in my own development plan so I'll be paying close attention to those particular ones!

  • Great question and one that all L&D professionals should ask themselves often as the world around us changes and our industry struggles to keep up. It's down to us to take the opportunities around us that are plentiful to be curious and discover, to try and fail, to innovate and change and in my opinion be leaders as we transform the culture and mindsets around learning within our organisations.

    In terms of knowledge, skills and behaviours I wrote a post a little while ago that focusing on some key things for L&D professionals to be aware of and to develop to become more effective. They feature in my talk I'm doing tomorrow at the CIPD L&D Show as well as they are also applicable to 21st century learner not exclusive to L&D.

    The C word - the most important word in L&D

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