How should we blend eLearning?

Hello fellow DPG people.  Hope you are well.

I wondered if you could help me with a debate I'm having (mainly with myself but also with others). 

Now, I keep it no secret that I'm a huge fan of eLearning.  It's taken a while but I can now actually admit this in public!  My blog entry which I called "Engaging eLearning the Journey so far" tells the story of why I'm into eLearning.  For me, it is all about making eLearning far much more engaging, fun and interactive than it ever has been.

But at the same time as having this obsession with eLearning, I'm well grounded in the view that eLearning will never replace face to face training in it's entirity and I don't want it to.  Some topics just don't suit eLearning and that will always be the case for those topics.  However, it is a sensible viable option to work alongside other forms of learning. 

There is no doubt in my mind that a blended approach is often required.  We therefore shouldn't all be fearful that one day our jobs will be replaced by computers!  There is space for both to co-exist!

So the bit I'd really like you're help with is figuring out the following:

  • What topics do you think lend themselves to be delivered by eLearning?
  • What topics do you think absolutely do not suit eLearning?
  • In a blended approach, how do you think eLearning (or providing resources electronically) will support face to face training before, during and after the event?

I'd be interested to hear your views - please?? 

Thanks loads.



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Ady Howes - Community Manager, DPG

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  • Here is another link that might be useful - an infographic on blended learning

  • Hi Ady, I came across this excellent guide by Kineo the other day on designing blended learning - free to download and I'm sure you'll be interested in it's contents and be able to share within your team.

    Personally I try to steer clear of eLearning, mLearning, social learning, face to face and try to work out the best medium to get across what ever it is I'm trying to get across. What is the desired outcome we're looking for and deciding which is the best solution to reach the outcome effectively.

    Things like behavioural skills wouldn't lend itself well to eLearning but then again if it were emotional skills and people watched videos to then decide on the behaviours / emotions they were seeing this could work. It really does depend.The things you're doing that relate to your work is getting close to simulation where people can try and fail in a safe environment and hone their skills before 'going live'.

    I'm big on organisational networks and making these channels of conversation & communities part of an orgs DNA. It's a great way to help the flow of knowledge around the organisation and encouraging knowledge sharing in things like wiki's - helping people learn on the job and just in time.

    I wrote a post myself a little while ago on the subject that you might find interesting

    Do you need a fix?

    Hope this helps or contributes to the debate :-)

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