How to get a HR role?

You can't get the job if you don't have experience and you can't get experience if you don't have a job.

This is my problem at the moment. I can't use social media as I have an issue with an ex partner and I currently don't work in HR.  I have tried direct applications,  agencies, contract roles and have been told very bluntly that as I can only work 4 days a week I am pretty much not a good bet for any role. 

Has anyone got any suggestions? Am I missing a trick?

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  • I went to the webinar about defogging your CV this afternoon and found it really useful. The recording for the webinar will be available shortly on the CareerBurst platform.


  • Hello,

    I also dont work in HR and my full time job duties is not directly related as well but I have been able to increase my HR exposure through various sources:

    • Asked my current organisation for some HR duties I can do voluntarily.
    • I have a trade union background so have been able to work on some HR policies and employment law cases to add to my CV and experience. 
    • I have applied for voluntary work for HR job roles. 
    • Continually working on my CIPD to have a better understanding what organisations want.

    I started my CIPD Level 5 here with DPG in December 2020 and since then I've had job interviews for HR and Employee Relations job roles.

    From this experience the main factors that helped me a lot was I demonstrated commitment to HR with my CIPD, willingness to learn though voluntary duties at work and I will start a new voluntary job as a HR Assistant for a community interest company.

    To summarise, I obviously had to start from the ground up and really work my way into a unpaid job first but It is just my specific example and I am optimistic this will address the no experience issue I also faced. 

  • Just to be doubly sure you have seen this, Susannah Whitman , I think that this event on 17th March could help you. I am sure that the host would find your story helpful to other attendees. I'll be attending - I go to as many of Sarah's webinar as I can as they always give me a boost.

    Here is a link to the event:

    Webinar: Building an external reputation
    For most organisations, it's appraisal time! That means for many that it's time to start thinking about the activities they can be undertaking to dri…
  • It's good to see you post this in a blog, Susannah. For those of you that haven't seen it: Susannah and I exchanged messages about this elsewhere in the Community. I hope that posting here brings more responses.

    To Susannah, I applaud you for posting and sticking with your goal. Let's hope the Community can help. Could you attach an image to the blog maybe? This might be a good way to grab people's attention. 

    I'd love to see you use this blog to record your journey, posting updates as replies. Writing down your experiences, good and bad, may be cathartic and others will no doubt offer support and benefit from watching your progress. I am convinced that you will progress! You have already shown determination. There has to be a role out there for you. I've already shared some ideas with you on the other post and it sounds like you have made lots of the right moves. When I think of more tips or hear of any opportunities, I'm going to come back to your blog and share.

    To paraphrase Winston Churchill: "If you are going through Hell, keep going".


    • I have since had an interview for HR Assistant role - it was a no.  Apparently all my previous experience meant nothing as I haven't used Kallidus - their words not mine.

      I have asked for additional training/shadowing at work and been told this is a no as HR aren't thinking of expanding so training someone would be quote "not a good use of their time".

      I have to admit I am perplexed as to what to do next.  When I get my level 5 this year I will be ironically more qualified than most of the people in the HR sphere in my town in starter positions so I will probably then be overqualified!!


      • I applaud you for continuing to share your journey, Susannah.

        This is a tough time, clearly. Have you considered volunteering your time in order to gain experience?

        Best wishes,

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