How you can learn every single day

How you can learn every single day

David D’Souza, Head of Engagement and London for CIPD, recently wrote about his experience in indulging his curiosity in the world of learning every day. He discusses how he has developed some habits in learning that are completely out of the classroom, and things that he fits around his day to day commitments.

His discusses how he uses tech:

Google – “Learning how to search properly will be your curiosity’s best friend.”

Twitter – “You don’t have to post on twitter to follow interesting content”

Forums/Communities – “there are a raft of places that I pop in less frequently when I want a shot of brain food.”

He discusses more traditional approaches:

Talk to different people and be curious – “if you can think of conversations as opportunities to grow your own thinking and knowledge, then every different perspective you come across becomes an opportunity to learn.”

Read the paper – “I love Flipboard, but I still think settling down with a paper is both relaxing and enriching in a different way.”

Watch TV/films – “I talk a lot about films to illustrate ideas to people as they have a resonance with people that makes points memorable.”


Do you learn every day? Maybe you do without even realising. All of the above methods are great for learning, and there are so many others too, to read all David’s methods of learning click here for the full blog.


Let me know how you learn every day. #LOVECPD


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  • Lucy,  I use the majority of the ones you mention, and tend to move around each of those being my 'favourite' at a particular time.  An area I'd like to add is reflection/reflective learning - in relation to any of the tech or non tech examples you provide, for me the learning is in the reflection...'mm so what do I think?  what does that mean to me?  how does that relate to what I do? how can I use that?  When/where can I use that? are the types of questions running through my head constantly, which means the potential for learning is always switched on.  Observation is a good way too - in my role I have limited time actually with people but significant time sharing screens which we use not only to share documents, but to show each other how we are doing things.  This works for me, and is how I have learned much of my digital and tech skills.  Using my snipping tool was one I picked up from you the other day! Very handy indeed!

  • Great question Lucy.

    Twitter is definitely a go to place for me every single day. I browse through a list of people that are interested in HR and L&D usually at the start of every day, often before work, to get a general feeling of what people are talking about. Usually I'll find an article, a discussion, a video or something to have a read through or a watch of. Sometimes it's stuff that gets me thinking, sometimes it's just stuff to browse. Either way, it's ten minutes worth spending.

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