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Hi All,

I started my Level 5 Diploma in July and have not been able to commit as much time as I would like to so far; just wanted to see if anyone else was feeling in the same position and what have people done to help with this?

I would like to get some books and materials through the CIPD using the discounts available and wondered which books people recommend to aid with completing the Level 5 Diploma? 



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  • Hi Sean,


    You're definitely not alone (as the replies mention!) I have just finished my first assignment and submitted but have been struggled since Covid has become a much bigger faction where I live and work. I'm still hoping to reach my goals and pass the course in my personally set time frame but it is without a doubt trickier given the current climate so don't beat yourself up, I haven't :) 



  • Hi Sean, 

    I started the course back in April when I was furloughed then returned to work in May and have struggled to fit in any time on the course since! I have diligently completed all the e-lessons and tests but yet to finish assignment 1. The one thing I have learned is to capitalise on any momentum you have with completing lessons or working on your assignment and be consistent with spending time on your studies, otherwise I have found myself revisiting the same material over and over to remind myself of where I had got to before! 🙈

  • Hi all

    I signed up end of August, didn't really get started until early September, went through the DVP lessons at a steady pace but just cannot get my head around the assessment, I have been picking at it for about a fortnight or more, still on question 1! I am not working at the moment and hoped I would plough through the course in a couple of months but doesn't look like that is going to happen, so have started applying for HR roles but been getting knock backs from the ones I want as think they want the level 5 in the bag already, I'm a qualified (non practising) solicitor with 8 years HR experience so I think I am considered over-qualified for more junior roles I apply for too. I'm stuck in a limbo!

    Anyway, I understand how everyone else on here feels about the time commitment element. Sometimes I wonder have I spent too much time on the assessment, writing far too much, picking at it, rearranging it, to the extent I can't see the wood for the trees.

    I wasn't intending on buying books, I asked before I joined up if books were necessary to complete the course as the law books I had to buy when studying law were extortionate and have no re-sale value as they quickly go out of date, I was told you don't need any, the resources and further reading you are provided with should be sufficient.

    Good luck!


  • Hi Sean

    I started on 7th Sept and as I am currently not working am hoping to complete it all in the next few months. However, having only just got through the first half of the assesment for DVP, I think to be honest, even working on it full-time it will take me quite a while - maybe 6 months if I dont find a job first!! Its easy to see why they say you have 2 years to complete it all....

    There is loads of reading and research which took up the first 2 weeks of my time and then there was the assessment structure that honestly took a week to get my head around. I really felt overwhelmed at first by how the questions were broken down but knew the answers. Took me ages to get my thoughts down and was tough. I can honestly say I have now found my 'mojo' and on the home run finishing DVP soon, hopefully submitting the 3 assessments by end of next week, fingers crossed!

    Do the e-module mini tests/challenges for your own benefit. I read somewhere someone skipped them and to me that is will you know if you understood the e-module if you skip the online tests and challenges?

    Watch one e-learning module at a time, otherwise you will get confused....once you complete one assessment move on to the next e-module, whilst you wait for it to be marked (DPG advice).

    Also, make sure you watch the relevant assessment videos BEFORE you start any assessment as they give you a very good steer and direction. Do also email the online facilitators for any help....they have been absolutley fantastic helping me 'cut my teeth' on the first assessment. (Connect with me and I will give you details how to get access to some books as PDF's for free)

    Kind regards



  • I signed up in August and have just ploughed through the e lessons this week taking notes. 

    I have bought a book through CIPD website (discount for members on Kogel) but I think the website and internet has plenty to offer. People Managemet app and links though the e lessons to and other online references are really useful. 

    The first assessment of  creating a CPD plan is likely to help in terms of setting smart objectives, that will help you focus on planning to achieve Level 5 - that’s what I’m hoping for me. However I must confess I had been fur,iughed in August and spent time wit( my family in the heatwave at home, then was unfurloughed in September. I’ve just been furloughed again and now the kids are back to school I’m cracking on. I need to plan better so i don’t lose time or focus. Also, a colleague is also doing it and he is on assessment 3 with another provider, so it gave me a but if a kick up the bum to get stuck in. Good luck, I’m sure once you are in the thick of it you’ll be on a roll.


  • I started 3rd August and submitted first unit today!  I'm not buying any books as expensive and go out of date. 

  • HI Sean, 

    I started in August but due to work commitments took a but of time to reallt get into into it. Ive just submitted first assesments and to b honest havent bought or read any books. The CIPD website and other online resouces have been suffucent so far. 


  • Hi Sean and Louise

    I started my course about 3 weeks ago and felt the same - as i work ful time too. But have been militant and worked through the first module this weekend. In terms of books, I haven't felt the need to purchase anything as i find there is lots of information on DPG and CIPD websites (as well as articles, archived journals and extracts from books) however the tutor recommended a book at the introductory webinar (sorry, cannot remember the name! But they should be able to signpost you to something).

  • Hi


    I Started in August but also feel i havent been able to commit as much time as i would like and would also like to see any recommendations in terms of Books.

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