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What do you look for in HR Software Packages?

With all the bells & whistles which accompany the newly released and highly efficient databases are we becoming too reliant on these highly technical pieces of kit to direct us through our working week or are they quite simply a modern day miracle. 

What are you experiences of HR software? Do you feel the systems are too complex or an excellent piece of Kit you wouldn't be without?

Are there any packages you would recommend or strongly persuade against?

What are your thoughts on the tools HR Professionals need 

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  • Hi all!

    A little late to the discussion: I've been searching for a role within HR for 2-3 years and, about a year into the search, started noting the systems mentioned in recruitments adverts (Reed, PM Jobs, JSD and a few others).  Not exactly a comprehensive survey base but it's something.  If anyone wants to suggest any tidying up/combining of figures, that would be great (@Melanie James, thanks for prompting me to combine Oracle with PeopleSoft as I had them listed separately):

    Oracle GHRS Peoplesoft - 17
    SAP - 10
    iTrent - 6
    SAGE - 5
    Snowdrop - 4
    ADP/Freedom - 4
    Workday - 3
    HR Pro - 2
    Cascade - 1
    CIPHR - 1
    Cornerstone on Demand - 1
    Cyborg - 1
    Dovetail - 1
    Epicor - 1
    Fairsail - 1
    Kronos - 1
    Lawson - 1
    Maximo - 1
    Northgate - 1
    OpenHR - 1

    I appreciate that not all of these are HRIS but they are the systems mentioned in adverts for HR Administrator/Coordinator/Assistant roles.

    @Alison Simmons: time to change your password? ;)

  • I was thinking of using the history of foodborne illness outbreaks ( and death toll) as a starting point for ideas about the baddies antics.
    The UK could be the base for the gamer, who will find himself adventuring far and wide ( in space and time) for cures and ultimately campaigning (with key allies picked up/chosen or bought during the game) against a higher power, to save the word as we know it.

    Key words will be encountered as good or bad tools to aid or hinder the gamer, but they will need to test them to find what lurks beneath the glossy exterior. All is not as it seems.

    I do also have a board game to be played by teams as a cheaper option, ( ans probably to be used soon whilst the big game is being worked up) but it is very different - much more traditional.
  • I use an Oracle system called Peoplehub (or Peoplesoft).  What I would say about ANY HR software system is that it is only as good as the data it contains!  So, if it's an efficient, easy to use system, and you maintain it properly, it will WORK for you.  If not, YOU will work for IT. 

  • Hi Rebecca,

    I've just come across this article on HR Magazine that may be useful

    HR Technology Tools for SME's

  • Hi Rebecca,  there was a bit of discussion around HR systems on here a while back and I chipped in on it here which may help.  I think one drawback of the systems I've seen are the terminology they use not aligning to that used in the business.  However, what I do really like is self service functionality, empowering the business to take ownership of their data and making the HR function more efficient/free to get on with more value add stuff! It's also great when various different systems are integrated, further removing inefficiency.  To echo Mike's question, if you follow up with a bit more about the angle you are coming at this from I will see if I can share any other relevant thoughts : ) 

  • Hi Rebecca

    We use a package/company called Software For People.  It is quite basic and the reports are very standardised.  The back up we have received from the company hasn't been very supportive.  The system does have a payroll system linked but we only use the HR side.  Hopefully in the future the College may look at other systems.  We currently use Corero for the student database which also has a HR and payroll side.  We have received a demo of this and it is very good.  Due to funding at the College, I think this will be further down the line.


  • Hi Rebecca, this is only my second posting on the on line community so hopefully wont mess it up :-).  

    This was a key focus in our bank last year!  Our experience has been that the software we invested in is probably very good and efficient and rightly sold easily to us from the angle of reducing our administration, spreadsheets, manual monitoring etc.  And to be honest it is great when it works well - ie you get "flaggings" when deadlines or reviews are due, so you reduce the risk of missing events etc.

    However, a word of advise is to ensure that when you purchase you ensure that the package sold caters fully for your company needs ; and not sold with "basic" functions.  In our case we have been given lots of flexibility to modify to suit our needs.  However, the cost, especially time wise, has been and still is fustrating  so the system has lost some of it's creditability amongst staff and management.

    If we hadn't been given the support of one of our IT colleagues our HR team would have given up on it a long time ago!   We still find we spend too much time rectifying and checking inputs as the functions seem to be rather sensitive.

    So I would recommend thorough research before embarking and probably obtain reviews from other companies who already have the software in place:-)

    Good luck. Yvette

  • Hi Rebecca, i'm afraid we only use Sage HR which is very limited in terms of it's capability, but at the moment is enough to take us away from paper and files (thank goodness).  I think as we get larger, we too will need to see what else is out there.  I think from a cost perspective they can range from a few hundred pounds off the shelf to thousands.  Hope you get some good answers.  Ros.

  • I would just be interested to learn other peoples thoughts and experiences really. We are looking to invest in new systems but there is quite a bit of negativity and so a general feeling would be interesting.

  • This is a massive topic Rebecca, we'll push this out in the weekly update today and see if we can get some good discussion around it. There are quite a few good resources we can share on the subject.

    Are you coming at this with a specific thing in mind or just generally?

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