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  • Hi Samuel, you may benefit from joining our Facebook group...see the page below

    I started 8 weeks ago and am on the 4th module - UIN...this group helps with any questions and it has really helped me get this far in such a short amount of time 


  • Hi Sam,


    I myself started in October.


    I am due to submit the DVP assignment by the end of this weekend.


    How are you finding the course so far?


    Feel free to send me a connection request/direct message.



  • Samuel Dewey Ryan Lobo 

    Hi Both, I am also on my 1st Assignment in DVP and would be keen to have buddies to bouce things off x

  • Hi Sam,


    I started mine a few months ago, took a few months off and now back on it.

    What unit are you currently working towards?



    • Hi Ryan,

      I am currently working through the assessments on mod 1. How about you?

      Kind Regards, 


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