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Identifying Learning and Development Needs

Identifying Learning and Development Needs

Currently working my way through CIPD Level 3 Certificate in Learning and Development and came to the end of the elessons in pathway 3 - the CPD Challenge appeared! My challenge - write a blog. Write a blog? This is all new for me so apologies in advance. What have I to write about - the weather? What's on TV? Guess it is to do with the course though. I started this course without any perception of what it would involve, I am finding it informative, if challenging at times and I am looking forward to the first workshop in Glasgow on 7th December. I am starting to look at my own learning needs and consider ways in which I can learn - writing this blog is part of that learning. I am also attending a local CIPD workshop which I heard about and registered for - it all adds to the learning experience.I guess when we think about our own learning and development we need to open our minds to the vast array of CPD opportunities, without thinking of the classic classroom scenario. Earlier in the year I started to use the "scan, pack, pay and go" facility at my local supermarket, I was learning something new but at the time I would not have recognised it as a piece of CPD - not all CPD needs to be work related.I hope you have enjoyed reading this.

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  • Hi Elizabeth,

    Great Blog! Challenge well and truly done - well done! Also more than this just being a challenge, it is an excellent topic that is great to read due to your honesty and the way you make CPD an easy thing to do!

    Great read!


    • Hi Rachel, thanks for your encouraging words. I am looking forward to meeting you in Glasgow on Monday.

  • Hi Elizabeth, well done writing your first lovely blog.

    Starting a new course is an ideal time to consider your own learning needs and how you can increase your impact by using or sharing your new learning in the workplace.You mention different ways of learning and I'm sure you'll learn lots of new ways on your course.

    As a CIPD local branch committee member (Gloucestershire branch) I was really pleased to see that you had booked onto a local workshop - yay! I love attending our local branch events and find them immensely useful both in their content and also for meeting other people who work in similar jobs or who do completely different jobs - the variety can be really stimulating and, being HR or L&D people, they tend to be very friendly and forthcoming. I hope you enjoy the workshop - perhaps you could write another blog after it, and let us know how you found it - the good, the bad and the ugly (well maybe not the ugly) :)


    • Hi Alison, thanks for reading my blog and sending me your comments. I have just been to a CIPD local workshop and found it really informative. I look forward to the next one!

  • Hi Elizabeth, Well done for completing your challenge, Your blog left me with a smile! I can completely relate to everything,  I'm on the same programme, but at Milton Keynes, I've just completed my workshop and  the BEP 2 assessment. You'll find your workshop really useful and its great to finally meet your group members. My pathway challenge was to connect and expand my learning network, so I'm using the community to help. thanks for sharing and good luck with your workshop.  Leanne

    • Hi Leanne, thanks for reading my blog and commenting on it. I hope your course goes well for you. Elizabeth
  • Hi Elizabeth. Wow, thank you for sharing your sheer honesty. I can relate to everything that you have stated. Actually, it has caused me to reflect; so thank you again. X

    • Hi Emma-Jane, thank you for reading my blog and your comments.

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    I didn't just enjoy reading this I LOVED reading this. I know how nerve-racking it can be to post in the 'public domain' and to write a blog (which is just a word for a story) as your CPD activity is both brave and generous. It's a chance for other people to see that actually it's not that hard and all you are doing is sharing your experience, thoughts and ideas. I'm glad your finding the programme challenging at times as we only really learn when we are being stretched and we're out of our beloved comfort zone. You'll enjoy meeting everyone face to face I'm sure and you'll get lots from the workshop - especially the review of the critical incident report at GDP to work out their learning needs!

    You're right - writing a blog but most importantly taking time to reflect on what you are doing and how you are doing is absolutely key to your learning and self-development. Networking and meeting other professionals is also a great way to learn so start thinking about your own Personal Learning Network and how you can develop this further through the branch events. You are also right CPD doesn't have to be work related and that is a great example to share thank you.

    We learn through everything we do, just realising and acknowledging this is learning in itself and allows us to look at things in new and exciting ways!

    Thank you for sharing


    • Hi Mike, thank you for reading my blog. Glad you enjoyed it.

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