Inspirational You

How often do you think about you being inspirational? Probably not very often I guess?

When you do think about it, does it always seem like it has to be a big 'thing', something that makes a massive statement of intent to make people sit up and take notice. Like inventing something amazing or developing the greatest training package ever written. In truth these types of inspirations get noticed and get the press coverage and should be recognised.

However do you think about how you influence people on a daily basis? In your work circle for example or within a social group or perhaps even... that person on the bus you said good morning to this morning.

  • How much of a difference can you make by being encouraging to someone?
  • When was the last time you actually did encourage someone?
  • Is it time to think about that and see how you can make a difference to someone, by sharing a positive life experience?
  • Perhaps you could offer them some clear advice if you feel you can guide someone in the right way?

Doesn't have to be a life plan, it can just be an encouraging word to someone you know that they are heading in the right direction

Think about the people who influence you? Are they always the one's making the big 'slam dunk' discovery... I venture that they possibly do stand out. Just give it a second though and think about all the people who influence you on a daily basis? Who did you think of?

I regularly am thankful for the people who do the little things in life. The little things are often the most important and influential. We are all part of a big picture. People may only be in our lives for a flash...

The person who makes you that much needed cup of coffee on the way to work, The person who cleans the office so that it is tidy when you walk in in a morning (I always try to say morning to them as I walk in)

These people go about making a part of your day. They are more influential than you might realise (where would we be without that first cup of coffee of the day?)

I always think of Ross Shafer's customer service story about Maria Garcia (If you haven't seen it here it is, please take 4 minutes out of your life now to see how amazingly influential this lady is, Ross if you ever read this thank you for sharing this it had such a massive affect on me)

I have many people who have influenced me in different ways (both as doing things I should  follow and also things I should avoid) I am thankful for all of them as they have all played some part in the way I am doing things now. I look forward to every day and meeting people that will make a difference in my life. I can always learn something about myself in the way an interaction with someone else pans out.

Do you realise how people influence you? How much of an influence do you make in others. Do you project a positive image, are you encouraging those around you to aim higher? You may be, and you don't realise it? Be aware of how your mood and personality affect those around.

Even if you don't want to reach the top yourself, you can encourage others to get there.

Be Supportive, Be Positive... Create an Encouraging environment

In my next blog I will focus on the environment you work in and how you can influence it and where companies fail in realising how positive environments create a great team and ultimately lead to great performances.

In the meantime "Be Positive"

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  • Fantastic, couldn't agree more. Really great moments are often wrapped beautifully in what we consider to be the 'small' things. Positivity and gratitude are infectious. Opportunities to learn are all around us and being critically reflective helps us to learn and keep learning. Being mindful of our impact on others is vital to our own and others success.

    Sarah Aubrey, Managing Director, DPG plc.

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