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International Working Out Loud week

International Working Out Loud week

International Working Out Loud week kicks off on the 5th -11th June. Working Out Loud is one of the key practices in the new digital workplace and consists of sharing work, talking about what you are doing and helping others by contributing your ideas and joining in on some great conversations! It’s a great way to learn socially and collaboratively as well as uncover innovative ideas about your products or the way you work.

If you have never heard of Working Out Loud here is a great post from John Stepper introducing, you to the 5 elements below:

  • • Relationships
  • • Generosity
  • • Visible Work 
  • • Purposeful discovery 
  • • A growth mindset 

The theme of this #WOLweek is “Contribute and Create Value” so it’s worth thinking about what your opportunities are to contribute and create value in someone else’s work, or think about how you can create value for someone else.

There is no right or wrong way to work out loud, use whatever method you like, just get involved in some conversations. There is the option to get involved in Working Out Loud circles as well which we want to experiment with this year,

Our Community has a group set up called Working More Openly and we’d like to use this group to run a Working Out Loud circle. You can find out more information on how a WOL circle can be used here 


If you’re interested in joining a DPG Community WOL circle which will run over 12 week’s then give the information a read and join the group and let us know your interested in the discussion below 

Get involved in a Working Out Loud Circle

If you’re not interested in a circle but still want to find out more and get involved.

#WOLweek have put together a list of resources to support you and get you started on working out loud, this can be found here 


Get involved in the hashtags on twitter, we are looking forward to working out loud with you #WOLweek #LOVECPD

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