Involving staff in the selection process

Tomorrow is a busy day for me, and several of the staff in my organisation.

Tomorrow, we will be holding a shortlisting day for our trainee selection process. We've whittled down from over 100 applications to 30 that we think might be right for the roles. We have 7 places to fill...

So, in the morning I will briefing 30 young hopefuls in what their day will involve - after briefing 14 staff in what I expect from them in terms of assessment of each candidate. 

That might seem excessive - using 14 staff to assess candidates for 7 training positions?  I don't agree with that view.

I think it is absolutely imperative that as many staff as possible are involved in the selection process. It develops a sense of ownership and responsibility in the decisions taken, and ensures that the successful ones that get through after shortlisting and then a formal interview are off to a great start. They will have met the people they will be training under, and those mentors will have had a say in their selection.   It's a case of making the most of every opportunity to include the staff in the important decision of who they will be working with for the next year - someone who will be looking to them for guidance and support every single day of that  year.

These are young people who will in turn be taking on senior roles of the future, all the more reason then to ensure that not only do we select fairly and correctly - but also that we make the start of their training year as stress free as possible. Knowing that their own mentors have had a say in their selection, will go a long way in helping their first steps into the traineeship as easy as possible.

I'm looking forward to a very interesting day ahead. I may even blog about it!



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