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Is your team award winning?

It's that time of year when industry awards are at their peak. Just at the end of September, CIPD hosted their annual People Management Awards. This week, it's the turn of Training Journal Awards and into February, we'll get to find out the winners of the LPI's annual Learning Awards

I've had the pleasure and privellege of attending some of these industry events and on occasions, been involved in interviewing some of the winners, the runners up and the judges. It's presented a great opportunity to think about what winning and award means and how a team might reach those high levels of performance and credibility and the benefits this brings.

As Perry Timms told me in an interview at Training Journal Awards a couple of years ago, being a judge means 'It's down to you as a representation of your peers and the professionals in the learning game to give it an unbiased and fair appraisal that represents the best of what we've got to offer in this industry'. Taking time to have a look at who's won awards as well as the story that sits behind why is a well worth activity for any HR or L&D team aspiring to be the best for their organisation. You can learn a lot from the stories of other teams striving to achieve the same.

I'm genuinely interested in what is involved in taking a team to an award-winning level of performance. I'm interested to hear your views and would love to connect with anyone that has an interest in talking about this topic....

- Have you been involved in a team that's won an award?

- Is your team aiming to win an award in 2018?

- What do you think an award winning team should consist of?

- What advice can you share for others?

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