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How to evaluate learning

'Around the world, training and development is in a state of crisis'. That's according to the Association for Talent and Development. But what can we do about it, how can we demonstrate the value we add and how can we avoid extinction? In this recor
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Data is key for Learning and HR professionals. Interpreting data to identify trends and patterns providing important business intelligence to make key decisions is a key requirement for any modern professional. The way in which we then display data a

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This post was recently featured in Training Zone as part of a 3 part series focusing on evaluation.

A long long time ago

When the Kirkpatrick Model was established back in 1954, it was instantly accepted as the industry standard approach to training

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I was attending a fantastic training event last week, the Bronze level of Kirkpatrick four levels evaluation certificate program. I’m going to try to explain the model taught and (of course) used in class with an example a little bit more close to he

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