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If your company pays into the Apprenticeship Levy, it’s possible that the very mention of it brings a collective shudder. I understand that it may be a bit frustrating. But have you given thought to how your company can use it?
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The #LoveCPD Spotlight Series December edition

This months spotlight focuses on:

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Training before a start date
  • Measuring Learning hours
  • The best ways to motivate and engage employees

To view this months spotlight online click here.

To download a copy of this months spotli

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The Trade Union Congress (TUC) is urging employers to make equality training madatory for all employees following shocking figures revealed in research reported on by People Management today. Find out more about the report and join the discussion on
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The Great Training Robbery

Much as I would like to take credit for (what I think is) a catchy headline, it is actually inspired by an October 2016 Harvard Business Review article: “Why Leadership Training Fails – and What to Do About It.” The article justifies the phrase by sa

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A friend of mine is married to a woman from India and the stories that he’s shared regarding the school system in India is something else really. Several of her relatives and friends tell the same story – if you are a good pupil you sit still, quietl

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