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Ady Howes - Community Manager, DPG

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  • The course"powerpoint slides" were provided in advance and i had printed them off, so i could write in them as the tutor went through them. At first i thought the interactive bits were going to be contrived and not add benefit, but as we all got into the swing of it and all started contributing i felt as though i was able to learn from all the others on the course. There was in fact possibly too many on the course for us to gain full benefit in this forum. We later all met in a workshop environment which was more demanding as everyone had to travel and spend time away from work and from home. The workshop built upon the theory we had first explored during the live online forum.
    I think the tutor was excellent as he got the pace right for the majority of the delegates. This required experience of working in a multinational " classroom" . It could have been very different i think if the tutor had been less experienced.
  • I was recently on an auditing course which was delivered in several stages, in different ways. It was attended by about 30 delegates from several countries. The first stage was delivered in a live meeting online, with shared screen that we could all read and when invited we could also write on it. The tutor could be heard but not seen, so it wasn't what i would call a video conference. More of a telecon with the added benefit of the interactive screen tools.
  • All the better reason to share those thoughts Alison - would love to hear about your experiences in this area :-)

  • I have experienced live online learning and have some thoughts, but i'm not sure of the etiquette in replying to you Ady. I am also slightly hesitant in case what i am thinking of doesn't fit within your definition of live online learning.
  • ...steady Mike, steady...!!
  • You know I've got some stuff to say on this topic but I'll hang fire as I'd love to hear some experiences from the wider community before jumping in....

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I am a bit lost at the moment and was just wondering if there was anyone on here that would like to buddy up please I am doing my Level 5 and am about to start Module 2?
  • Laura Jayne Warner Hi Victoria, I too am on Module 2 now. (still nervously awaiting feedback on module 1!) Its been challenging getting back in to learning again but I've found the community is worth a read as there are lots of questions and answers on there. Good Luc…
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