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Looking for CIPD level 5 discussion group

Hi everyone,

My names Katie and i am starting my online CIPD level 5 Diploma in HRM from the beginning of November 2018.

I am looking for a discussion group either with others starting on on the same/ similar course as me so we can help each other out?

I enjoy listening to others ideas as well as giving my own opinions.

Would love to get to know some of you :)

Many thanks



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  • Hi, 

    I'm also starting the level 5 online diploma in a couple of weeks. Please can I be added to the Group?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Donna

      Good news: The Community elves were super efficient and added you to the group on the day you joined the Community ;)

      To get there, same as I mentioned to Katie: "Select 'Groups' from the column on the left-hand side of the screen, click the 'My Groups' tab and you'll see the icon for the Online HRM Programme."

      Please take a good look around and feel free click on things and see what's what.

      Great to see you joining in the post.


  • Hi 

    I'll be providing the personal facilitation for the online programme. 

    We have a group specifically for Online participants. Here we hold discussions, share resources, post webinar details and so on. I'll add Katie, Richard and Karen to the group in the next 10 mins. Come and look around.

    I hope to see you in our first webinar on 6th Nov.

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Gary,

      Thank you very much for your assistance. i can now see the group.

      Looking forward to my first introductory webinar on the 6th November 2018.

      Many thanks


  • Same here. Starting Level 5 in early November! Look forward to getting to know everyone.



    • Hi Rich,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      We can all keep in contact on here and possibly by starting a Whatsapp group?

      Many thanks


      • Definitely up for that!

  • Hi Katie , 

    Im Karen , I am also looking for a similar group . I have just started my Level 5 online too , it would be great if we have a group where we can help each other out ! Hopefully someone will point us in the right direction .



    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you for responding! Lets all keep in touch and stay connected so we can all help eachother out and generate good discussions.

      Maybe if we all start a whatsapp group? How do you feel about that?



      • That's done - you are all added to the group. Select 'Groups' from the column on the left-hand side of the screen, click the 'My Groups' tab and you'll see the icon for the Online HRM Programme. See you there :)


        We've had groups start whatsapp chats in the past and it works for some. I'd recommend against posting your phone numbers here though for data protection purposes. Maybe we could share them in the webinar next week? That's how we've done it in the past.

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