Make time for 15 minutes of learning every day

I spent the day at the Learning Skills & Learning Technologies exhibition in London last week and sat in on a number of the free seminars that took place throughout the day. In three out of the five seminars the speaker talked about spending at least 15 minutes learning every day. 15 minutes of learning every day equals over 90 hours of learning every year. That’s a lot of learning!

This got me thinking about not only the benefits that amount of learning could bring, but also about all the things I could actually do in 15 minutes of my time every day to learn. No matter how busy we are in our jobs we can all make time for 15 minutes of learning. So I started a list:

Please let me know if you have any more for my list or if there is anything that you would like to share with us?

I’m sure we all do some of the things on my list everyday anyway as we go about our daily tasks and routines and without really thinking about, but I’m going to introduce some more structure around what I spend my 15 minutes of time learning about and make a plan. I will also encourage my colleagues in the office to do the same and at the end of the week when we have our team meeting we can all discuss and share what we have all learnt during the week.

Paul Judge, Director, Optimus Sourcing

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  • Hi Sarah,

    Yes I agree, I think this is a really important point and a great way to learn. Think about all the things that you did really well and what actions you took that had a positive outcome and then do more of them! But also to reflect on what didn't go so well, think how you could do it differently next time and try again and then repeat the reflection process. This way we are always learning, developing and improving.

    Kind regards,


  • a client of ours told us today she keeps a "happy diary" each will note at least one positive thing that has happened to her.   Thats a really great positive action and useful when reflecting bad as have got information to look back. 

  • Hi Paul

    Love this - the only thing I would add here is to commit to critically reflective practice and by this I mean spending 15 minutes a day reflecting on what's gone well in your day and why and vice versa. Every day presents so many opportunities to learn and as you say committing to just 15 minutes a day brings huge personal and professional benefits.

    Fellow learning junkie.

    Sarah Aubrey, Managing Director, DPG plc

  • Fab - was following you on the @DPGplc account already and now follow you on my personal account @MikeCollins007

    Look forward to your tweets :-)

  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the comments and for sharing these other blogs, I will have a read of these.

    We have a twitter account at Optimus Sourcing so if you are interested in following us our address is @optimussourcing . Please let me know your twitter details as we'll follow you so we can pick up all the things you share.

    Many thanks,


  • Hi Paul,

    Great post and a timely reminder that you learn everyday and learning can take place in many forms. 15 minutes really isn't that long and it reminded me of a post from Julie Wedgwood on her "Find 15" campaigns she uses to try and encourage her clients to approach learning differently.

    Check out the post she wrote about it (funnily enough after Learning Tech last year) - Find 15

    I'm a big Twitter fan and I use Twitter to help my professional development to connect with other professionals & to find a huge amounts of resources to read and share and I also use blogs as part of my reflection. There really are so many great tools that can help us learn and I think it's an area that we need to get better at - re-learning to learn in a connected and social world where people are constantly on the go and let's be frank L&D / HR have never been the best at self-development. We of course are great at developing others!

    Here are a some links to other posts that link to this subject

    A blog about blogs part 1

    A blog about blogs part 2

    Tools to help with CPD

    Using social tools to support professional development

    Crucially updating CPD records is part of reflection so whatever you do don't forget to reflect! Using this community is a great way to get your 15 minutes of self-development and learn something new.

    Great blog Paul and look forward to more


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