Making CPD Sexy - The benefits of CPD

If you sat down for 2 minutes and considered the important role CPD plays in the achievement of your aspirations, you are likely to think this is a ‘no brainer’ and engage immediately.  

So my question is, “Why don’t we engage”?  

Having trawled the web looking for reasons as to why this is, the overwhelming problem seems to lie in the time it takes to record it.

Personally speaking, the thought of filling in lots of paperwork fills me with dread.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  

To maximise the benefits of CPD,  a good start will be to review how you currently capture your thoughts.   

Taking a definition from root cause analysis, 95% of problems stem from the process followed.  

Also, who said CPD had to be recorded in a form or on a template anyway?.

Aristotle: talks of us being a “goal-seeking animal” with life only having meaning if we are reaching out and striving for our goals.” He also talks of us having a natural desire for knowledge. 

With this in mind can we afford to ignore CPD, fighting against our natural instincts to develop, continuing instead to do what we have always done; living our professional lives on a hamster’s wheel?

Are we willing to disengage with what Aristotle considers to be an integral part of life.

Ironically in our private lives it’s likely that we are constantly striving for something better or different , making plans, regularly checking how we’re getting on, celebrating success when it happens.

What if we we’re to take 1% of that energy into our professional lives. What difference would this make? What impetus would it create? What could you, your colleagues and your organisation achieve?

What is clear, is that CPD will enable growth and achievement, it will bring new insights and ideas to your role and  as a result is likely to widen your career prospects.

“The roots of development to some may be bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

CPD is integral to the work of the modern day professional.

In developing yourself, colleagues and the Organisation as a whole , CPD is crucial in the achievement of competitive advantage.

 In developing a high performing and motivated workforce, our role modelling; promoting the worth, merits and rewards of CPD will offer fresh  impetus and will no doubt raise you’re profile.

It will demonstrate passion commitment and desire.  Build your confidence and credibility. Add to your professional capital and is likely to open doors to   being a strategic partner in co-inventing a future for your client/organisation. 

It will also create momentum and a virtuous circle; where your successes will  create an appetite for more. 

Aristotle again talks of “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” With this in mind what a fabulous opportunity to work towards what “Maslow” called “self-actualisation”.

In writing this short piece, it was never my intention to try to identify every benefit CPD brings.

I’m sure if you have taken 2 minutes to think about what CPD can do for you, the likelihood is, you identified other benefits I haven’t mentiond.  If you have, then this serves to emphasise just how important it is.  

Next in this series will be a review of some of the tools we can use which will make CPD pain free.

TTFN. Just off to record my fresh insights in my CPD video diary.

Kevin Faulkner

Sept 2103


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