Marginal Gains Theory

Marginal Gains Theory

A video I came across recently was this one from David Brailsford, manager of Team Sky, the Cycling Team. It's not necessarily the case that I'm a huge cycling fan (put me on a bike and I'll prove it). It's more I'm fascinated behind the work that has been down to drive forward the performance of this team.

After all, that's largely what we're here to do in L&D.  Have a watch and have a think. What are the marginal gains that can be made in your teams and organisations? What are the small "quick wins" so to speak that can be done today? What are the small increments of change that can happen right now, each and every day, until the point that when you add the benefits of each little action, you can massive results.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how this relates to our world of L&D....

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Ady Howes - Community Manager, DPG

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  • I was just viewing this clip today as I'm putting together material to deliver a workshop next week to help achieve 'winning service' within one of our business areas and am going to use this clip.  I love this mindset /approach. There is also a Marginal Gains Prezzie presentation on YouTube. ..same idea but different format and slightly shorter if anyone looking to incorporate into sessions ☺

  • I think its a great mindset to have regardless of job role as it applies to everyone.     The mattress example reminds me of Clive Woodward's Winning book,  which is a great read regardless of if you like rugby or not.  

  • Great post Ady and one that I'm thinking about before posting some ideas.

    I think we both spotted this article on the subject on Twitter this morning but I think it's a great article that adds more depth to the subject. It also bring to life how much of an impact this can have through making small yet important changes

    This Coach Improved Every Tiny Thing by 1 Percent and Here’s What H...

    Look forward to some thoughts on the subject.


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