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Performance Reviews - Waste of Time?

Performance Reviews - Waste of Time?

Hi everyone

I've just come across this article on Forbes on the purpose of regular performance reviews. http://bit.ly/2DBpmgj

The article argues that it's a "huge waste of time and energy" as conversations between manager and employee should be happening on a regular basis anyway.

There are some good points made in the article, but I'm interested to hear your opinions as professionals working in HR, L&D or in Leadership.

We've sparked a fantastic discussion on Facebook with surprising 62% of professionals saying it's a waste of time and energy.

What are your thoughts on performance reviews at work? Are they a waste of time or beneficial to employees/managers?

Sound off in the comments below :)

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  • Thanks for posting this Debora -  a while ago some large organisations decided to scrap their PDRs - here is a link to another article which explains why - some great reasons there which could explain the 62% of professionals who believe them to be a waste of time and energy:


  • Professional development reviews, now within my organisation they do not impact on pay or the promotion process except for the box needing to be ticked if you are interested in promotion. So they now depend on the type of manager you have, some just cut and paste and ask for a signature thus ensuring they are completed so they don’t get moaned at for being outstanding and appear on what is commonly known as the naughty list. This has no value to the manager or employee in my opinion. It often makes the employee feel like my work goes un noticed and I’m not getting any recognition and places more work on the manager in an already stressful role. Then there are some managers who use the PDR document as a continuous record throughout the year to record face to face conversations, these set real objectives and not blanket ones and use the document as a tool. Employees are engaged face to face and feel supported and guided in their roles. If the process is a two way process it can be a worthwhile tool but as above it is often completed for completing sale which just makes it worthless.

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