Reading the news so you don't have to, 14 08 20

Reading the news so you don't have to, 14 08 20

I’ve had a good look through HR news and newsletter emails and picked out information (and events) so that you don’t have to. Coronavirus remains big news, of course, and this week I’ve found information is turning to the aftereffects e.g. job vacancies, wellbeing and pay. I’ve pulled out some information on the future of HR too, among other subjects. I’ve picked what I think is useful in the workplace and/or what’ll help people on DPG’s programmes. Take a look and by all means correct me if I’m wrong – discussion is good!

  1. People Management have some figures that you could use if you are looking at well being and the effects of changes in working patterns due to lockdown, such as: “87 per cent of workers who had started working remotely during the crisis said they felt pressured to be more productive”. There are results from various surveys in the article so plenty to compare and contrast. Worth a read:
  2. 10th August saw the latest CIPD Labour Market Outlook Survey release. It looks useful for anyone interested in pay/reward. The report itself is 22 pages. Admittedly I haven’t read the whole thing, one reason for that is that there is a handy summary on the main landing page that gives figures such as: 40% of private-sector firms expect to freeze pay over the next 12 months; and employers intending to make redundancies over the next three months has increased to 33%, rising 11% since last quarter. If raw data is what you need there is a spreadsheet there which looks at redundancy and pay issues and is broken down by industry, region (of the UK), sector – and more. It’s a proper data fest if that’s your thing. Here’s a link:
  3. ‘The worst quarterly performance since the financial crisis recession of 2009’ – we knew that but here is a page where you can find quotable figures. There are also 730,000 jobs lost since lockdown began. This Sky News article points to new Office of National Statistics figures:
  4. According to the CIPD’s Hackathon on Monday, key issues for us to be aware of in the future include: re-designing the work contract to individualise the process; we need to be data-driven and tech-minded; emotional intelligence will become a greater priority; and individualised outcomes are more important than policy-based ones. See more detail here:
  5. Are you looking for figures to quote regarding the reduction in job ads or the fact that there are more vacancies now than in June, suggesting that we are through the worst?
  6. Here’s an article that quickly mentions research on the last recession and extrapolates that quality HR is the key to surviving the expected COVID-19 induced recession. Ideal information if you need to justify a HR presence:
  7. Storytelling. If you are studying UIN in our HRM programme or DBC in out LDM programme, this short article doesn’t present much in the way of facts but it might be food for thought when it comes to how to visually present your findings:
  8. Here’s an interesting statistic: your typical HR assistant role attracted 3,333 applications in July. So keep developing yourself – we are here to help! Here’s the full article:
  9. As I turn my hand to curation, I love to see other people sharing information. However, just in case anyone has any doubts: the pandemic of 1917 neither happened in 1917 nor did it end the Second World War in 1945 - but thanks for trying, Donald:

I only got as far as 9 this week! I’m on holiday next week so I’m sure you can forgive me for clocking off one point earlier than last week. I’ve tinkered with the layout of the home page – you probably noticed! Do you like it? If not, I’ll try and put it back (if I can remember what I pressed!).

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  • Thanks Gary, I always feel overwhelmed by the amount of newsletters in my inbox and while i file them away with every intention of reading them, i very rarely do! This is really helpful 

    • Thanks for the feedback, Nicola! I do exactly the same thing with my newsletters - or at least I did until I started writing these blogs.

      My big plan is to do this as if it is providing a service to people to help them streamline their CPD. Obviously this takes up a good chunk of time and I want to make sure that people studying with DPG get preferential treatment. So, in the next few months, I plan to put these blogs (as well as evidenced-based career advice and an elibrary full of textbooks) behind a paywall. Everyone studying with DPG will get a voucher to get past the paywall, so you'll be fine. I want to add value to the Community and give members access to CPD which makes them better informed and developed than people that aren't in the Community. 


      • Thanks Gary - i look forward to receiving these really useful articles and blogs.

        • Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep them coming


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