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This infographic will make you smarter...

This infographic will make you smarter...

Well, maybe that's not strictly possible in terms of improving your intelligence level but the article I'd like to share says:

"...while raw cognitive abilities matter, it’s how you use and harness those abilities that really makes the difference.".

The article talks about using better mental modes to filter thoughts more effectively. The example explained in the article is the 80/20 rule accredited to Pareto. The rule (pictured) suggests that 80% of the time we are busy working on things that only lead to 20% of the work we produce - and vice versa. So having read the article and become aware of the rule, am I now more conscious of this effect and able to address it productively in my day to day activities? I hope so!

There's a bold statement at the end of the article which is was enought to make me want to shout about the article. 

"If you want to be a top performer, it’s worth looking into other mental models out there as well. They can help you better frame reality, so that you can harness your intelligence and effort in the most effective way possible – and it’ll allow you to deliver results along the way."

A pancea for the ages?

Click here to read the article at visualcapitalist.com

I can't get enough of these infographics at Visual Capitalist. They are produced on all kinds of subjects. I recommend you follow them on twitter.


The infographic is a similar style to one Visual Capitalist published back in September on the subject of cognitive bias - click here to see it (and if cognitive bias tweaks your interest click here to see a community post on the subject).



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  • Love this Gary - it really has made me ponder on the 'how' of adapting some of my mental models, in order to get better results.  The infographic is immense!  There's so much detail in there - I had a good look around and there's loads of elements in there that I want to look into further.  When absorbing the 'cognitive biases' section I noticed an unfamiliar word - lollapalooza - things like that pique my curiosity!  I never knew that it meant (as defined in the Oxford Dictionary):

    "A person or thing that is particularly impressive or attractive."  It's origin being late 19th century and meaning "of fanciful formation".

    So whilst I will most definitely be considering the mental models I adopt in the name of smarter working, I shall also be seeking an opportunity to use this fabulous (and new to me) word!  Thanks Gary :)

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