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Say thank you!

I got a lovely thank you message from my manager this morning...prompted by her hearing on the radio on the journey into work, that today is National Thank You Day!  There was very good reason for the thanks (to me and my team) as we've had some challenges this week, which we've worked brilliantly together to resolve.

Now whatever the origins of this national day (commercially driven or not), this is a great reminder and opportunity to say thank you to people in your lives.  Or even if today is not the right day for you to do that - let it be that reminder that all year round, a little thanks can go a really long way, it can bolster motivation, create a real feeling of satisfaction, and boost team spirit.

Whether on a personal or professional level, there's something that makes me really smile when I am genuinely thanked - so if there is someone who deserves some thanks from you, and you haven't quite gotten around to giving it - then today is the day to remember the power of 'Thank you'...

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  • Hi Kathryn, what a great reminder about the power a 'thanks' can have. It may be a small word, but it can mean so much! Being self-employed and spending quite a lot of time working from home, it reminds me how much I am still part of a bigger team and that we are all here to support each other. Saying thanks can be really rewarding - giving someone recognition that they have helped you in some way and that it is appreciated. Taking stock of all the good things in life and being grateful is also another way of being thankful too and appreciating the small things people do for each other on a daily basis, which can so easily be forgotten in an age when everyone is on the go! I know I sometimes overlook this - my husband bought me a small portable charger recently for my phone - low and behold I needed it the other day for the first time - it might have been a small thing he did (a button on Amazon!) but your post reminded me to thank him when I returned home for thinking of me, rather than ranting that the kids had made a complete mess of the house in my absence! :-)

    • Hi Helen,  ooh I can so relate to that last part, and you are right that taking stock, focusing on the positives and showing appreciation goes such a long way.  So thank you very much for commenting on my post - it makes me (& the DPG community) feel very much supported and appreciated! :)

      • Last night as I got into bed after a particularly hectic day this post sprung into my mind! My week has been a juggling act with work and family - I ran a webinar last night and it was all great up until the very last slide when I lost connectivity for some reason. It was all fine as we had covered everything but I confess to feeling a bit tense when I'd dialled back in by phone but couldn't unmute anyone - just after this my kids wandered into my 'office' . My daughter had cut her foot slightly and was showing me the spots of blood on a tissue (Dad was at a work meeting!).

        I then got them to bed after I'd finished off and had a bit of a moan (OK...a rant) that they never seem to pick their clothes up off the floor or tidy up the kitchen - from facilitator to 'clothes picker-up' in the space of 5 minutes! :-)

        When I got into bed later there was a note there from my daughter - it simply said 'thanks for being a great mum xxx'. Those words were so powerful and really made me smile! They also put everything into perspective for me (although I won't be picking up clothes off the floor this evening!).

        • Helen - love this - what a wonderful story to share, and so glad it made you think of this post and decide to add to it - THANK YOU!  I hope your daughter's foot is on the mend and you have a great Easter holiday :)

          • Have a great Easter too Kathryn - thanks!

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