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Sessions from CIPDLDShow to ignite your development

Sessions from CIPDLDShow to ignite your development

What would you present if you had just 20 powerpoint slides lasting 15 seconds each? That was the challenge for the presenters delivering 'Ignite' sessions at this year's L&D show. An ignite session lasts just five minutes and presenters deliver the short timed presentations on a topic of their choice. It's an interesting concept and one that perhaps could be useful in our own organisations. Think about the ignite format. How could you use this in your organisation?

But for now, let's ignite your development with these sessions from this year's CIPD L&D Show. We got the chance to capture some of the sessions and you can enjoy them below.

Mike Collins, DPG: Don't believe the Hype

Mike Collins’ Ignite session at CIPD L&D Show was all about the rollercoaster process our people go through as they experience change. In this session you’ll visit the trough of disillusionment, climb the slope of enlightenment to reach the way things have always been done around here.

Stella Collins, Stellar Learning: Why you don't have to be a neuroscientist in L&D

You don’t have to be a neuroscientist in L&D but it does help if you can find your way to valuable evidence. That was the message from Stella Collins from Stellar Learning in her Ignite session at this year’s CIPD L&D Show. During this five minute session, Stella shares six questions to help guide you through the maze of neuroscience research.

David James,Looop: Making social learning work

Social learning is already working according to David James. In this session, David will explore how we can harness the power of social learning by focussing on resources rather than courses and rather measuring through learning outcomes, recognising success through performance outcomes. 

Annette Hill, From Employment to Freelance

Annette Hill shares the emotions she had and the considerations she made in her career journey. Using photographs from a recent trip, Annette tells the story from employment to freelance. 

Doug Shaw, Viewing your work through an artistic lens

In this Ignite session Doug Shaw had an extra challenge when his beautiful hand-drawn Powerpoint slides hadn’t arrived due to technical problems. Watch as he thinks on his feet and brings his session to life without a slide in sight. Artwork and genius working hand in hand.

So, how could you use Ignite sessions in your organisation? What would your topic be? How would you approach writing your session?

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Ady Howes - Community Manager, DPG

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  • 'Ignite', what a great idea, even though everyone only had 5 minutes, it's amazing how much engaging content you can get through in such a relatively short period of time - well done to you all

    Certainly lots of opportunity to use this back in the workplace.  Going to show this to my L&D team and discuss how we can use it moving forward

    • *like*
      • Love that approach too Paula. Hoping you get chance to report back on here what ideas your team generates. Would be great to hear.
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