Slack: A tool for your CPD?

Slack: A tool for your CPD?

I've been using slack a lot since I was first introduced to it by our community guru Mike Collins. It's a great team collaboration tool that has drastically cut down my use of emails, increased productivity and enabled me to be better connected to the people and projects I'm working with. There's a whole load more I could say on this, but let's leave it at that for now. It's brilliant.

But the other day, I came across a pretty nifty way of using it for your own continuous professional development (CPD). It was in an article that was shared with me when I was searching for better ways to manage my things to read later list as well as more efficient ways to record my CPD even when on the move. I've recorded the video below (8 mins) that explains more. The video is below and the article that inspired me is just here. Have a watch below and see what you think.

Would be interested to hear what you think? Is this something you can/have used? 

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Ady Howes - Community Manager, DPG

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  • Sorry Ady, misspelt your name.

  • Hi Andy, that was interesting, thanks for the video.  Is this something you could do on OneNote?  Although I have had a play around with OneNote, I'm not too familiar with the program but wondered if it could be used on a similar line.

    • HI Stella. Thanks for your reply. Yes definitely as an electronic notepad One Note is great for this sort of thing especially how it's divided into notebooks, sections, pages. You could have a notebook for your CIPD programme, a section for each unit and a page for each note/link/photo/recording you want to capture. Yes I think this would work really well. 

      Onenote etc integrates really well with browsers on a mobile so you could add resources to the pages of your notepad on the move easily.

      Let us know how you get on and if you have any questions we can help with.

      Let us know how you get on.

  • Some more interesting information on using Slack as a learning platform 

    Worth taking a look as Ady suggests

    Remember there are loads of tools you can use to track online information as CPD

  • Hi Andy, thank you for the video. I've just set up slack on my mobile so will start putting this in to practice now.
    • Hi Cheryl

      Great to hear. This is very new to me too so interested to hear how you get on.

      Don't forget to share any good stuff you find here on the community too.

  • Hi Ady, I found that really useful thanks and will have a go at using it. I think it could really help me find articles etc again, instead of searching Twitter on the DPG Community etc for that 'one thing' I really want to read that I saw somewhere!

    Also I think it provides some 'breathing space' and time to think about things. It removes the need to respond there and then.

    I like the way you use it to store links that you want to come back to and digest properly, when you have the time.

    I would have to be disciplined to keep it 'under control' and not just dump stuff in there! I think there is a danger mine could become like a messy filing cabinet otherwise, although of course there is the facility to 'search', which is quicker than rifling through papers/documents etc! Presumably you can have a good old clear out when you feel the need? :-)

    I think it is great for CPD and provides a way of keeping everything together in one place - I will share this with my students and let you know what feedback I get.

    Thanks Ady, have a good Easter!

    • Of course, the key is still encouraging the use of the community too alongside. I love how slack allows me to curate stuff from many sources, but I'm still going to keep making sure I make use of the individual platforms too. 

      Your idea on keeping links for the DPG community I like very much. Kind of like the things you need to refer back to the most. If you took, for example, one topic from one of your programmes.... Could your group get a wider community discussion going on that topic. You then bookmark the link in whatever way, to then use with other future groups covering the same topic too? 

      Just a thought. Have a good Easter too.

      • Well... I like that thought, great idea. Thanks, happy chocolate eating! 

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