Success - What does it look like to you?

I was recently asked to run a short 10 minute energiser for the Level 5 HRD course in London I am taking.

I always enjoy the challenge of coming up with something new that gets people motivated and awake for an afternoon session.

An energiser to me is a great way of getting people to really think about what they are doing in a new way and should always be tailored to reflect the session in some way rather than just an exercise to wake people up.

Shaine our facilitator had set me up well by asking us what we wanted to get out of the course in our first session. Deciding to follow on from this I wanted to get people to think about what success would look like for them.

I personally believe that learning was the most fun and the easiest when we were young. At this point in our life everything was interesting and exciting and learning wasn't seen as a painful exercise but something that was done without even realising it!

This is why whenever I run a session I always try to get the delegates to use materials or toys that they would have played with in their youth. This creates a subconscious connection with those happy times and reengages the fun element of learning.

In order to help people to express themselves in the energiser I split them into teams of three and gave them each some pots of Play-Do. I them asked them to work together to create a vision of success that they would share with the other teams afterwards.

Within 5 minutes they had all come up with the following and explained their creations for the group.


This group had a bottle of champagne which they would be drinking, the potential to earn more money, a feeling of accomplishment and a nice sit down!


 This group had a certificate to resemble their qualification and a very large drink on the beach!

This group had a certificate and gold cup to celebrate passing the course and an ice cream for afterwards


This group had a podium of which they were in 1st place winning the gold. They were also surrounded by lots of cheering people celebrating their success with them.

I always enjoy watching how these groups interact and their final creations as they are always so varied and even those that say they aren’t creative always end up creating something amazing.

So if you had some Play-Do what would your success look like?

Why not give it a go and post your pictures I would love to see them!


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  • OK so my creativity isn't great but here is my effort ;-)

    After our recent success at the Peer Awards I believe more than ever in the power of networks and communities to bring together collective intelligence and make things happen. So my success is about continuing to champion networks and connections to help people reach their true potential.


  • Thanks for the feedback Richard! I post a blog every Friday about any topic I find interesting - stay tuned! :-)

    It's important to remember what makes you happy - it's not just the money and the power.
    Happiness is passion and inspiration. Everyone has a passion and mine is traveling and definitely health.

    Never forget that money isn't everything and remember what keeps you grounded.

    Thanks for reading my blog :-)


    Wow that's great! I even managed to get it without looking at the comment although you can tell I work for an insurance company as my colleague’s first reaction was Travel Insurance! Love the blog and you raise a really good point about whether your perceived measure of success is actually the key to your happiness. I realised a while ago in my career that whilst my perceived measure of success was money the key to my happiness was a good work life balance. It's amazing the difference it makes to your life once you realise this.

  • 2897578?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024I didn't have any Play-Doh so I used Blu Tac instead.

    Success, to me, equals happiness - it is simply key to life! It's a simple equation...

    Health + Traveling = Happiness

    My lastest blog is about success and inspiration, and what it can mean to different people. Check it out:

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