The bad boss index

If you type in to Google 'Leadership Quotes' you get 44,700,000 results. Management and Leadership development is big business. as L&D, HR professionals and leaders and managers we know and understand the importance of strong leadership.

It's a VERY big business.

We have shared a range of resources on the topic before here (Are you a boss or a leader?), here (Leadership in a changing world), and here (The difference between a boss and a leader). It's a topic that always generates interest and people have strong opinions on as so much £££ gets spent on management training and leadership development each year.

The phrase 'people leave a manager, not a company' always stuck with me as this article from Forbes explains the reasons why far more eloquently than I could put it - it's a good read and I'm always fascinated to understand the underlying reasons why people don't get on with their managers. I have been lucky in that I've always had a good working relationship with all the people I've worked with - perhaps that's why I tend to focus on the positive behaviours and traits.

But the reality for many is not the same so it's time to knock off my rose tinted glasses and dig a little deeper in to the 'dark side'.

When Bamboo HR released their survey results last month on the Top 10 bad boss behaviours, I was intrigued to find out more and what made up the Bad Boss Index. Yes it is from the US but it's got over 1000 responses so for me it's statistically valid and looking through the themes I think they very much represent a wide cross section of views and experiences.

It's probably not surprising that the #1 bad boss behaviour is taking credit for other people's work

A lack of trust and empowerment also feature and micro-managing is another nightmare boss trait.

You can download the supporting infographic here and find out the full list of the 10 worst boss traits 

Do you agree with the list?

Have you ever experienced these bad behaviours and how did you deal with them?

I'd be interested in your views on this

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  • I've been keeping my eye out for posts related to this topic.

    I came across this post from the 'Corporate Rebels' entitled

    If Employees Quit Because of their Manager then Fire All the Managers

    It's a very interesting read and one that provides a number of alternatives to the traditional hierarchy and recruitment of 'managers' - if they are needed at all.

    If Employees Quit Because Of Managers, Why Not Fire All The Managers?
    Why would we continue to promote people into incompetence, when there are much better ways to establish a zero tolerance for bad leadership.
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