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The DPG Community Birthday Timeline

In 6 days, the DPG Community will be officially one year old. Where has the time gone? It feels like only yesterday I left the corporate world of RBS to join DPG. I've been reflecting a lot over the last few weeks about the reasons why I joined DPG and the wonderful opportunity that was presented to me that I grabbed with both hands.

Looking back over this journey I wanted to share and describe creating the DPG Community in a different way. It has been a journey which we've really only just started, but in 12 months we've fundamentally changed our approach to supporting professional development. The way we facilitate our programmes and qualifications has changed forever.

So how could I tell this story in a unique way?

I've always loved the RSA Animate videos and being quite creative love seeing talented artists doing their thing so who better to team up with than the ultra-talented Simon Heath.

My mission: to tell the story of the DPG Community in a visual & creative way

Mission accepted: Simon and I had a quick chat about the concept and how best to work together and off we went. For me this is about sharing what we have done and how we've done it.

I first studied with DPG myself in 2006 when I became CIPD qualified and the programme felt fresh and leading edge. I have never looked back since becoming qualified and enjoyed a great career so far. DPG have been pioneers in creating fantastic learning experiences and in their 21 year history they have continued to evolve and push boundaries.

To be able to join an organisation that shares my own passions and enthusiasm for professional development is fantastic. As a Learning Professional I'm still so excited by the potential of the DPG Community and its role in not only developing role models in our organisations but leaders and future leaders in our industry. That's you!

Through the DPG Community you are buying an experience not a programme or qualification. Many of our competitors offer the same piece of paper at the end of the programme however I'm proud to say the DPG Community gives something truly unique and adds to the DPG Difference.

As I sat and thought about all the things we've done to create and develop this thriving community. A community that supports peer to peer collaborative learning, a community that isn't about technology but the relationships it creates and the conversations it enables, an image started to appear.

Thanks so much to Simon Heath for making this image a reality and for bringing this journey to life for us. The images all represent important milestones on our journey and are symbols of how to use social tools to support learning, sharing and collaboration.

DPG Birthday Timeline

Click on the link here to get a full size image and follow the journey to our 1st birthday.

Over the next few days I'm going to write more on each stage of the journey and bring some of the images to life and share the why, the what and the how.

Hope you like the picture and watch out for the first instalment of the DPG Community story coming soon.

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  • You have done a great job Mike - your energy and enthusiasm has spurred me on to writing blogs, running webinars and doing stuff way out of my comfort zone - long may it last! Keep up the good work and thanks for your support.

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