The Making of the 21st Century HR and HRD

As part of my studies on HRD Level 5, I'm looking today at Organisational Development.  I've made some notes below...

There are a number of challenges facing organisations today.  Some of these are:

  • Globalisation
  • Pressure for speed and innovation
  • Pressure for financial performance
  • Impact of technology and ebusiness
  • Changing workforce demographics

For this reason, the Human Resource Management (reference below) stated that there is a

Growing realisation that people are an organisations primary source of competitive advantage.  "...success is determined the decisions employees make and behaviours in which they engage"

Brockbank’s (1999) framework characterises HR practices on two sets of dimensions forming a four quadrant model.  These are a) operational or strategic and b) reactive or proactive.  Human Resource Management in their article take this quadrant further giving operational definitions of each of Brockbanks framework and the activities involved in each phase.  I've found this particular intepretation quite useful in:


  • Assessing overall where I think our own organisation is
  • The progress we have made establishing our HRD function and where we are in the overall development of the organisation
  • Some useful insight into what's next.


I've pasted a copy of this below and you can find more information about this topic on the link referenced below and in the participant pack for this module.



“The Making of Twenty First Century HR: An analysis of the convergence of HRM,HRD and OD” by clicking here (Human Resource Management, Spring 2004, Vol. 43 Issue 1, p49-66, 18p) You’ll need to be logged into the CIPD website to access it

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